Bullied Student Keaton Jones Appears To Have A White Supremacist Father — But Has NO Contact With Him!

keaton jones dad white supremacist

Another member of Keaton Jones‘ family has been accused of racism.

As you surely know, the young middle schooler who went viral after making an anti-bullying plea has been caught in the middle of a racism controversy. How?? Well, the youngster’s momma was accused of being a bigot after photos surfaced of her posing with a Confederate flag.

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While Kimberly Jones has since downplayed the drama by calling the shots “ironic” and “funny,” Keaton’s father has recently been outed for his alleged alt-right political beliefs. On Wednesday, white supremacist propaganda shared by Keaton’s allegedly estranged father, named Shawn White, resurfaced.

Specifically, Facebook content (below) from around three years ago featured White wearing a sweater with the symbol for the SS of Nazi Germany and had Shawn praising the prison gang the Aryan Circle as a “family.”

shawn white racist two

shawn white racist 1

TMZ also alleges to have uncovered a selfie of Mr. White where “Pure Breed” and “White Pride” tattoos are visible on the man’s stomach. Shawn also has neck ink which features the initials CWB — a common shorthand for the gang Crazy White Boy.

White hasn’t posted on social media in a while as he’s been incarcerated at the Knox County Jail since May 2015. Apparently, he was sent back to prison after violating his probation for an aggravated assault conviction from 2012. Shawn has an expected 2018 release date. Man, oh man.

Still, it appears that Keaton and his family have little contact with White, as Jones’ sister Lakyn shared the following on her private Twitter page:

“You all can go look back at every tweet from every father’s & mother’s day to see that all we have is our mom. We have no contact with our dads. BECAUSE of their actions. That’s why all the articles say ├óΓé¼╦£estranged’ because we don’t talk to them. Leave us alone.”

The younger Miz Jones then went on to insist that her family is NOT racist. A family friend has also come to the Jones’ defense, as Kaley Katz told People that the racism allegations are just “rumors” and any gossip that Keaton was bullied for using a racial slur is not true. She stated:

“The rumors are fake. She is not a racist, Keaton did not bully anyone at his school, and she did not start the GoFundMe account in order for it to be a scam.”

Regardless, this drama has certainly overshadowed Keaton’s emotional video against bullying. Sorry, bud.

[Image via CBS/Facebook.]

Dec 14, 2017 9:49am PST