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Kelly Ripa ROASTS Mark Consuelos For Things He Said While She Was In Labor!

Kelly Ripa ROASTS Mark Consuelos For Things He Said While She Was In Labor!

He said what now?!

Kelly Ripa just put her husband Mark Consuelos on blast while calling out the ridiculous things he said while she was in labor! On Monday, the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast’s Instagram account shared a headline about an expecting dad wondering how to help his partner prepare for birth. He asked:

“What is one thing that your partner did, said or brought to the hospital that really helped you through your birth experience?”

If he was looking for some real tips, well, he got a giant list of things not to do!

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Kelly was one of the most notable celebs to slide into the comment section and roast her husband! The TV personality, who shares Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 19, with the Riverdale star, dished:

“’Do you mind if I eat?’ And ‘I’m going to the batting cages since you’re gonna be here a while.'”

OMG! He did not say that! Oof! See Kelly’s comment (below)!

The longtime lovebirds tied the knot in 1996 and have continued to keep the sparks alive by flirting on social media. But sometimes you just need to call out your partner! Thankfully, the pair made it past those insensitive AF labor comments and are doing great today! Kelly told ET in September:

“He really is such a great husband, he’s a great father, he’s a great guy, he’s a great friend. That’s the greatest thing he is, a great friend. That’s the thing, if you have him as a friend, you’ve hit the jackpot.”

How cute!

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Meanwhile, plenty of others had something to say about their husbands, including Heather Dubrow who also commented on the post, revealing:

“@drdubrow [Terry Dubrow] left me LITERALLY barefoot and pregnant in the hall @hoaghealth on the way to my c section with our 3rd child Because he wanted to enjoy the ocean view with my anesthesiologist.”

The view can wait, dude! Take a look at even more wild things husbands did during delivery (below)!

“For our first child, He was filling out the paperwork and when it asked for the fathers full name, he said ‘babe, what’s your dads full name’ you’re the father babe.”

“‘is my sheet mask on straight.'”

Mine complained that the couch was too small so made me sleep on the couch while he took the bed in the hospital. Wonderful guy.”

Damn! So much sass in the last comment. Another section of users just couldn’t believe some of the things women put up with, joking:

“This comment thread is why I married a woman. She was great when I delivered

“This comments are my contraceptives”

“These comments are….Horrible. And I believe all of it”

“Comment section should be archived, printed, and posted in every public restroom, as a reminder to choose wisely #icanbuymyselfflowers”

Read even more mind-boggling responses (below)!

The nerve of some of these men! LOLz! Can you believe Mark really wanted to go to the batting cages during his wife’s delivery?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Watch What Happens Live/YouTube & Kelly Ripa/Instagram]

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