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Khloé Kardashian's Family 'Appalled' She's Getting Close To Trey Songz Again Amid Horrific Rape Accusations

Khloe Kardashian Supporting Trey Songz Rape Accusations

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

It appears Khloé Kardashian is in danger of hopping right from one hot mess into another — and it’s got her inner circle seriously worried!

We told you Tuesday morning about the report she was hanging with Trey Songz again. She and the Can’t Help But Wait singer were spotted out together on what looked like a date in El Lay, according to an eyewitness spilling to DeuxMoi.

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Well, a source close to Khlo corroborated the claim that the Good American founder is “getting close” to Trey once again after their 2016 tryst, telling The Sun:

“Khloe has always had a thing about Trey. She hooked up with him back in 2016 and they stayed friends even after it was all over.”

For those who don’t remember, the two met when he was a guest on Kocktails with Khloé back in March 2016. While they never went official with any kind of serious relationship, she was seen at some of his shows, and they were spotted making out in a club in Sin City that July.

The Sun‘s source says it’s true the two are talking again — and it’s their controversies that are bringing them together! The insider says:

“He’s been texting her recently, as he’s been caught up in a big mess with the accusations. She’s lending him a shoulder to cry on, because she also needs one too — and she is carrying a lot of anger over the Tristan chapter, and how it ended.”

Clearly Tristan Thompson cheating for the umpteenth time and welcoming a secret love child with another woman broke the reality star’s heart. But there must be guys out there who don’t have, well, not to put too fine a point on it, but guys who don’t have active rape accusations levied against them.

For those who don’t know, a woman has claimed in a lawsuit that she and Trey were about to engage in consensual sex at a house party when she over and over had to explicitly said no to his requests for anal. But, she claims, he held her down and forced himself on her anyway, injuring her in the process; she went straight to the hospital from the party where she discovered she had “severe anal tearing.”

Disturbingly, this alleged incident happened in March 2016, the same month Trey met Khloé. Since then other women have come forward with their own accusations against Songz.

So what is True‘s momma doing reheating her relationship with such a problematic figure?? Do the words, “I can change him” mean anything to you? The source says:

“The thing with Khloe is that she thinks she can rescue and help all these bad boys, but her family are appalled that she’s hanging out with Trey again, and have told her it would be really damaging to get involved with the whole thing. They think she should stay away from him.”

Well, we’d have to agree with her family on this one, but Khloé is a big girl, right? She should be allowed to figure out for herself who she can trust.

What do YOU think? Is Khloé making a huge mistake??

[Image via Hulu/YouTube/Trey Songz/Instagram.]

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