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How Khloé Kardashian Plans To Keep Tristan Thompson From Cheating Across The Country

Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson Boston Relationship

In case you hadn’t heard, Khloé Kardashian‘s idyllic existence was rocked by some big news over the weekend: Tristan Thompson got a new job!

Well, it’s the same job really, just in a new city. The Boston Celtics signed the power forward to a two-year, $19 million contract to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. Great news, right? Well, not if you’re Khloé.

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See, that means when basketball finally gets going again (which may be sooner than we thought thanks to COVID vaccines), her 29-year-old baby daddy will be moving across the country. Throughout the pandemic the silver lining for the KUWTK star has been getting Tristan all to herself, completely committed to her.

Let’s be frank here, it helped that he wasn’t out touring the nation and he couldn’t go out to clubs. After not one but two highly publicized cheating scandals, being sure the man stayed faithful would have been impossible without circumstance keeping him quite literally from straying.

So… how will Khloé handle him playing ball 3,000 miles away?? Because we first heard momma was not intending to “uproot” her life or their daughter True Thompson‘s existence in El Lay. But there’s no way she could maintain a long distance relationship with Tristan, right? Those are hard enough with a boyfriend you trust. This one couldn’t keep his hands off her kid sister’s BFF when he lived 20 minutes away — and reportedly even cheated on Valentine’s Day after Khloé went to bed! (We didn’t forget about that, and we doubt Khlo did either.)

So how could you trust a guy like that when he’s isolated from his lady, all alone in a new city? With a killer body and a million bucks in his pocket?

You don’t. According to a new source spilling to Us Weekly, gurl is NOT taking a chance and letting this man out of her sight. The insider says:

“Khloé and Tristan are going to be fine. They will be living together in Boston and L.A.”

So they’re going to be bicoastal? Just jetting back and forth so the 37-year-old can keep chaperoning her BF?

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Well, not according to the source, who contends Tristan is a new man, for real, regardless of opportunity:

“Tristan has really turned his behaviors around and is focusing on Khloé and True.”

Time will tell, we guess.

But according to this source, Khloé’s inner circle is on the same page with her and not showing all the concern we are:

“All of Khloé’s friends really like Tristan. Even though what he did was so horrible, they know Tristan is a good guy and Khloé is very dedicated to making their relationship work.”

Well, we certainly hope they’re all right and Tristan really has changed. Because Khloé is the one turning her whole life upside down for him, and if he  betrays her a third time… Let’s just say we will be ducking and covering if she happens to be on the West Coast when she finds out.

[Image via KUWTK/YouTube/Tristan Thompson/Instagram.]

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