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Kim Kardashian Wants 'Peace' After Communication With Kanye West Turned 'Downright Toxic'

kim wants peace after communication with kanye turned toxic

Interested in another peek behind the curtain of the Kimye split?

We’ve been hearing a LOT about the slow-moving breakup between Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West over the past few weeks. At this point, we’re just waiting to hear news of an official filing (and so is Kanye, apparently). But a lot of the insight sources have shared from behind the scenes mirrors the dynamics we’ve seen play out in public.

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Take this quote from a source for Us Weekly:

“Kim and Kanye had no option but to live apart in the end because the communication between them had gotten so downright toxic. They went into the latter part of 2020 with the very best of intentions and wanted to find a way to get along when they spent time together. But it reached the point where the bickering turned to nasty blowups and confrontations, and since neither of them wanted the kids exposed to that type of hostility, they [stayed] apart.”

If you’ve been paying attention to the tumultuous final days of Kimye, you may have noticed some of this yourself. We all witnessed Kim reach her near-breaking point over the summer as she plead with her husband, crying in a parked car.

In the months after that, though, it seemed like they managed to reconcile and were sharing quality time with family (see above)… until the final months of 2020 when the rapper stopped showing up in his wife’s social media posts.

The Us insider continued:

“Up until early December, Kanye was coming back to Calabasas and trying to play nice with Kim whilst spending time with the kids. They would have their good days of being cordial around each other and enjoying family time, but for the most part it was this practical coexistence that involved very matter-of-fact conversations about what they wanted to do for dinner, what time their therapy session was and how they would take turns to help the kids with schooling.”

That doesn’t sound like a very satisfying state of affairs to us, so it’s no wonder the reality star is finally ready to move on. Another source for E! News shared:

“Kim wants to feel at peace going into this new chapter of her life and is focused on herself and her children. … She wants to feel strong mentally and physically. She has been very busy with her business, which has been a blessing. She’s really focusing on the kids and their happiness as well.”

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They added:

“Kim and Kanye have no bad blood and they are very cordial. He’s focusing on his world and she is focusing on her world.”

Everything we’ve heard makes it sounds like this relationship has just come to its natural end. While we’re sad for their kids — and sad to see an unquestionably iconic era come to a close — it really does seem like moving on will be the best for everyone.

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