Lady GaGa’s Relationship With Bradley Cooper! Tristan Thompson Is A Bad Dad! R. Kelly In Jail! AND… | Perez Hilton

Lady GaGa may very well be in love with Bradley Cooper, but we DO NOT ship her with him! That’s messed up!!!

Plus, talking everything Oscars 2019!

Khloe Kardashian wants Tristan Thompson actively involved in their daughter’s life. We think that’s a mistake! Here’s why! U?

Jordyn Woods claims she was “blackout drunk” when she hooked up with Khloe‘s man. That’s no excuse!

Tyga should be banned from all clubs!

Justice is coming for R. Kelly‘s victims!

Should trans athletes who have not begun taking hormones yet be allowed to compete? And more of today’s hottest topics, including Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn, Madonna, Lil Pump, The Bachelorette, Ja Rule, Robert Kraft, Donald Trump, Lisa Rinna, Meghan Markle and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

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LADY GAGA & Bradley Cooper performance:


LADY GAGA & Bradley Cooper act like a couple:


LADY GAGA & Bradley Cooper hugging and more:


TAYLOR SWIFT & Her BF get handsy:


MADONNA & GaGa makes peace-ish:


KHLOE KARDASHIAN wants Tristan Thompson involved with daughter:


JORDYN WOODS trying to apologize:


JORDYN WOODS addresses controversy:


JORDYN WOODS blackout drunk:




TYGA’s nightclub drama:


JUSSIE SMOLLETT’s coworkers want him fired:

JUSSIE was making bank:


  1. KELLY faces 10 charges:


  1. KELLY owes hundreds of thousands to babymomma:


  1. KELLY remains in jail:


LIL PUMP being dumb:




JA RULE bombs:


DONALD TRUMP accused of misconduct – again:


LISA RINNA vs Nicolette Sheridan:


TRANS atheletes:


MEGHAN MARKLE’s babyshower:


Feb 25, 2019 5:37pm PDT