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Lily Allen Kink-Shames Husband David Harbour, Says He Always 'Asks For Things' She Won't Do! 

Lily Allen Kink-Shames Husband David Harbour, Says He Always 'Asks For Things' She Won't Do!

Lily Allen just realized she might be kink-shaming her husband David Harbour — in the middle of her podcast!

On this week’s episode of Miss Me?, the singer opened up about her sex life — including how it drastically changed when she met the Stranger Things star! While chatting about kinks and taking listener questions, Lily kinda regretted getting into the NSFW topic because of what her hubby might think. She reflected:

“Because he’s going to be like, ‘Where? Where is this person that’s like doing all these sexy things?'”


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Impersonating the actor, her co-host Miquita Oliver teased:

“Yeah, ‘Where’s this kinky bitch? Bring her home!'”


Miquita then wondered where “the kinky bitch has gone,” causing the actress to get candid about why she’s changed her ways when it comes to the bedroom. For instance, she never had sober sex before David! Wow! She shared:

“I think alcohol had a lot to do with the kink. I don’t think before I got together with David, I had ever had sex not drunk, actually. Unless maybe like morning sex, but still a bit drunk and definitely high.”

Wow! And while she’s great with the change, the Violent Night star has been itching to get a little more freaky in the sheets, she added:

“I wonder if I kink-shame my husband. Because he quite often asks for things, and I’m like: ‘No, babe, it’s not happening.'”

OMG, what does he ask for?? Unfortunately she doesn’t give specific examples. It’s not that type of podcast. Instead she explained how she evades his requests:

“I’m not like, “You piece of s**t, how dare you ask me to do that!’ I’m just like, ‘Hmm, headache. Little headache, got a bit of a headache — maybe not tonight.”

Hah! She’s not going to be able to use that excuse anymore! That said, it doesn’t sound like her sexual preferences would shock David — and she insisted she never wants to shame anyone for what they’re into. She explained:

“I’m quite into normalizing everything that people are ashamed about in themselves. I was talking to David about this last night; during the breakdown of my last marriage [to Sam Cooper], I was very, very promiscuous and experimental… And I had sex with female sex workers.”

The artist went on to share that she wrote about these experiences in her memoir, My Thoughts Exactly, as a way to “take a little bit of the power back” rather than being “gotchaed by the tabloids,” something that caused her to live “in a state of perpetual fear” at the time. Aw! At least she’s honest with her new man about what she does and doesn’t want. He’s just gonna have to get used to his kinky ideas getting shot down on the regular!

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