Lindsay’s Mom Attempting Conservatorship, Claims Estranged Father Michael Lohan


Damn it! A conservatorship, really? Haven’t the two of you done enough damage?!

Lindsay Lohan’s latest stint in the slammer didn’t just reopen the flood gates for scrutiny. It also provided her father Michael Lohan more ammo to keep talking! (Thanks a lot!)

Today’s deranged topic is Dina Lohan allegedly seeking a conservatorship over her daughter, similar to what Papa Spears and Brit-Brit have going on. Dina, as well as Lindsay’s business manager Lou Taylor, would be given control over LiLo’s finances and her over all well being. She’s certinaly done a bang up job so far!

Calling Dina out on her devise “plot”, Michael is suggesting that his ex-wife is adamant about getting LiLo into a rehab not so she will get better, but in the hopes that she might be able to secure the rights to a conservatorship while LiLo’s in there!

And Michael is jealous he didn’t think of this first! He explained to sources:

“I never wanted to get control of her finances. I wanted a conservatorship for her so that I could weed out the bad people in her life. The way Dina and Lou want to do it is to get a conservatorship, line up a bunch of projects for Lindsay when she gets out of rehab, make a lot of money off of them so they can control it and make their due.”

And exactly what would you do differently, douche bag?! Don’t give us that crap about you care, because we know you don’t. Your whole spiel is getting so old!

But then again, we IMPLORE the honorable judges of Los Angeles County NOT to give either parental unit control of LiLo’s life like this. It would a huge mistake, to say the least!

Just send her to rehab and lets see what happens!

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Sep 28, 2010 12:30pm PST

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