Lisa Bloom Is Defending HERSELF Now After Shameful Harvey Weinstein Defense Email Leaks!

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When we heard Lisa Bloom was acting as Harvey Weinstein‘s lawyer, we were confused.

Lisa, the daughter of Gloria Allred, who had been making her own name as an advocate for women over the past few months, had said she was defending Weinstein to make sure defamatory, victim-blaming tactics weren’t used to “scare other women from coming forward, which has always been the way it’s been done before.”

While it would be a noble goal to try to stop that from happening, it was still odd to many that she would be willing to try to defend such a creep, considering her previous work.

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Well, it seems during the days she was working with Weinstein, she may have been totally willing to cast aside her feminist ideals and throw the same damn arguments at the accusers we always see.

In a letter obtained by Huffington Post, Lisa defends Harvey to The Weinstein Company‘s board, saying the women would be hit by “different reporting”:

“This is the worst day.

This is the day the New York Times came out with a largely false and defamatory piece, in a major violation of journalistic ethics, giving only two days to respond to dozens of allegations, and then refusing to include information about eyewitnesses and documents negating many of the claims.

Tomorrow there will be more and different reporting, highlighting inaccuracies, including photos of several of the accusers in very friendly poses with Harvey after his alleged misconduct.”

According to the New York Times, even the board of TWC disagreed with the demeaning approach. Lance Maerov wrote to her that “publishing pictures of victims in friendly poses with Harvey will backfire as it suggests they are exculpatory or negate any harm done to them through alleged actions.”

Bob Weinstein wrote to Bloom:

“It is my opinion, that u are giving your client poor counsel. Perhaps, Harvey as he stated in the NY Times, to the world, should get professional help for a problem that really exists.”

And THAT is when she quit as his attorney.


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But when her own email hit the press, Bloom immediately went on the defensive, writing to HuffPo that she “didn’t plan any kind of strategy of releasing photos,” she had just meant that she knew some outlets were planning on publishing them:

“I said publicly we weren’t going after accusers. Harvey said that too. When asked in interviews, I said only that they deserved respect. If I had this nefarious plan, it would have been easy to execute ├óΓé¼ΓÇó just hit send. Please. This is an insult to me and my life’s work for 31 years.”

Apparently it wasn’t just HuffPo she felt the need to respond to.

On Monday night, she also defended herself on Twitter after getting inundated with hate over her reported actions. She wrote:

What do YOU think of Lisa’s defense of her defense??

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Oct 10, 2017 3:19pm PST

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