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Ariana Grande's Fans Throw A #LizzoIsOverParty Over 'Good As Hell' Remix & Get Schooled By Twitter!

Ariana Grande fans freaking over Lizzo credit

Woo, child!

There’s nothing more passionate than a fandom, and when one feels like its deity has been wronged, they’ll stop at nothing to express their concerns. This is bad news for Lizzo, who found herself in a troubling hashtag this week because of something that was most definitely not in her control.

Those who’ve checked Twitter recently might have seen #LizzoIsOverParty trending. Yes, the Juice singer is the latest victim of the infamous phrase that’s held less and less meaning each time it pops up online and ultimately results in nothing.

As of now, the hashtag has reached stage 4: those tweeting about it are either asking why it’s trending or wanting people to watch k-pop fancam videos, because, well… the internet. 

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So, we did some digging and discovered it all goes back to Ariana Grande, who recently dropped a remixed version of Lizzo’s Good As Hell with some new lyrics. 

Apparently, Ari’s fans are upset the songstress wasn’t credited on Billboard for the remix of Lizzo’s bop, which is currently sitting at the no. 14 spot on the Hot 100 chart — a feat that wouldn’t be possible without her help, Arianators say.

Basically, fans feel the 26-year-old singer deserves more cred, and they’re seeking justice by calling for Lizzo’s cancellation. Some tweets included:

“maybe if lizzo was actually talented she could’ve gotten #1 without using aris name #lizzoisoverparty”

“she rlly used ariana and didnt give her any credit ok.   #LizzoIsOverParty”

“first she BEGS people to her buy her song like the amount of promo she’s doing rn isn’t enough and now she discounts the song. yeah she’s over. cheap and tacky. enjoy the number one because wbk your career will fade out in a couple of years. @lizzo #LizzoIsOverParty”

Yup… they’re mad as hell.

As per usual, the movement was quickly met with opposition. Lizzo fans and unbiased critics responded to the Arianators’ warcry, explaining how Billboard was the one to blame for Ari not being credited, not the flutist. 

Fans tweeted back:

“Im confused at where the controversy is??? The song that’s on the charts is the one Lizzo released 3 years ago and Ariana isn’t even in it. The one that Ariana’s featured in has her credited so….. how is #LizzoIsOverParty fair lol like she literally was credited”

“Are u guys really saying shes canceled because the billboard chart didn’t include aris name??? You guys are just finding reasons why to hate her. Grow up. #LizzoIsOverParty”

“At everyone tweeting #LizzoIsOverParty, you guys do know how the music industry works right? It wasn’t Lizzo’s fault that Ariana wasn’t credited on Billboard. Come on mate.”

One brave Arianator even spoke up in defense of Lizzo, tweeting:

#LizzoIsOverParty good as hell was already popular before the ari remix… that’s why ari remixed it. lizzo didn’t have anything to do with the credits… that was billboard. as an arianator myself, this is ridiculous… so keep clowning. #LizzoIsOverParty”

Well, that’s that. 

Do U think Ari’s fans have a right to be angry? Or is this drama wack as hell?

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Nov 04, 2019 14:34pm PDT