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The Internet Reacts VERY Strongly To Lizzo's Lawsuit Response!

The Internet Reacts VERY Strongly To Lizzo's Lacking Lawsuit Response!

Lizzo may be known the world over for her single Truth Hurts, but the truth this week is that the tweets and posts hurt! (Zing!)

The 35-year-old pop star has been drawing all kinds of fire online after three former dancers filed a shocking new lawsuit against her on Tuesday. In the suit, they claimed Lizzo, her dance captain, and her touring company engaged in sexual harassment, religious harassment, fostered a hostile work environment, body shamed dancers during touring runs, and more.

Very early Thursday morning, the Minneapolis-based singer and flautist took to her social media to clap back against those allegations. And while the response was lacking in terms of what it did and didn’t address, even just putting it out there immediately drew a TON of attention from both fans and critics.

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Over on X (Twitter), users have been reacting early Thursday. As you might expect, they are bringing TAKES, y’all!!

Ch-ch-check out some of the most notable (and funniest, TBH) reactions HERE:


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And here’s a lot more where that came from, with thousands of fans panning Lizzo’s public response and demanding that the About Damn Time singer do better (below):

“lizzo ukulele apology coming”

“Maybe we will get a flute apology from lizzo”

“I see that Lizzo has mastered the art of the celebrity non-apology apology”

“Lizzo’s apology is laughable. She really shouldn’t have said anything at that point. I’m just disappointed to be honest”

“Lizzo’s apology was just nothing. There was nothing noteworthy about it, nothing that added anything to the conversation. It was just a bunch of paragraphs that meant nothing. There is very very very little chance that her career is surviving this.”

“now lizzo has said something and i still feel icky about it!!!! all we got was a notes app apology saying that it’s all false??”

“Lizzo calling them liars is not going to help her side and actually makes her look worse”

“I am shocked how weak Lizzo’s (crisis) PR is.”

“Lizzo’s ‘apology’ is embarrassingly bad. She didn’t even completely deny the allegations against her. Instead, she said they had been ‘sensationalized’ and then somehow tried to justify what did happen by blaming employees’ unprofessional behavior. This will not go well for her.”

“Lizzo’s notes app apology is so bad. Zero accountability. I’m disappointed and disgusted in all that has come out”

“A lawsuit against her pushing 40 pages and lizzo comes on here posting a 4 paragraphed notes app apology she is the most unserious woman ever a flute apology would’ve gone further than this”

“#Lizzo gone have to go in a totally new direction on the next album”

“not lizzo posting her apology without alt text whilst having allegations about ableism floating around”

“Babe go back to sleep Lizzo’s note apps apology just dropped and she‘s saying a whole lot of nothing!”

“Damn, a whole notes app apology so vague and unapologetic you would think it was coming from a YouTuber”

“Innocent people dispute specific allegations made against them while guilty people put out generic lawyer prepared statements”

“Lizzo, you did not take accountability for your gross mistreatment of your dancers. This ‘apology’ gave word salad. You can’t come back from this.”


The people are not feeling Lizzo’s lawsuit clap back — that’s for sure. Are you, tho, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF down in the comments (below) with your thoughts on Lizzo’s response to the lawsuit’s allegations and how fans are taking it all in so far!

[Image via Graham Norton Show/YouTube/WENN/Avalon]

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