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Lizzo's 2021 Song Rumors Did NOT Age Well Amid This Lawsuit Drama... OOF!!!

Lizzo's 2021 Song Rumors Did NOT Age Well Amid This Lawsuit Drama... OOF!!!

Now that Lizzo is facing down a shocking lawsuit over alleged mistreatment of three former dancers, fans are looking back at her old music for clues about what was going on way back when.

Immediately, X (Twitter) users picked up on one song in particular: the 2021 single Rumors. Aptly titled, perhaps, considering the whole ongoing rumored past situation laid out in legal docs between the singer and her ex-dancers…

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In Rumors, which features Cardi B, Lizzo starts off with these lines:

“All the rumors are true, yeah / What ya heard, that’s true, yeah / I f**k him and you, yeah / If you believe I do that”

And then, as if to prove “what ya heard, that’s true,” she cuts to this jaw-dropping verse next:

“Had to cut some hoes loose, yeah / NDA, no loose lips / Now them hoes tryna sue me / Bitch, I don’t give two s**ts”

Ummm WTF?!

Not Lizzo openly referencing non-disclosure agreements and having to “cut some hoes loose” when we now know she cut some dancers loose amid all kinds of sketchy touring allegations????

Like we said up top, over on X (Twitter), fans are going crazy reacting to the recent resurfacing of these sus lyrics:

“does this count as manifesting??”

“Aged exceptionally”

“I’m afraid she girlbossed too close to the sun”

“This didn’t age well…”

“The defense rests.”

“So, all the rumors are true? For real?”


In case you’ve forgotten it over the last two years, you can re-live Rumors for yourself with the official video (below):

Pretty clearly laid out there!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Lizzo/YouTube/WENN/Avalon]

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