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So Desperate! Lori Loughlin Asks Court To Move Trial To 2021!

Lori Loughlin College Admission Scandal Trial Date Evidence

Well, this isn’t exactly the most reassuring thing your legal team can say, is it?

Unlike many of those caught up in the college admissions scandal, aka Operation Varsity Blues, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have defiantly refused to admit any wrongdoing and plead guilty — and prosecutors have played hardball right back at them. So instead of just one charge, the parents are now facing 13 counts, including including honest services mail fraud, conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery, money laundering conspiracy, and filing a false tax return.

As the whole world knows by now, Lori and Moss are accused of bribing USC officials an unfathomable $500,000 to fake their daughters’ athletic status to ensure their acceptance into the California college.

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What we’ve seen thus far of their defense is less than rock solid — mostly trying to convince a jury they had no idea they were involved in anything illegal and thought they were just making legit donations to a university. Obviously for that to be true, they had to somehow never notice the complex lie being perpetrated regarding Olivia Jade and Bella Giannulli‘s status as members of the crew team, even though neither had ever rowed.

Are they finding it harder to keep up their argument in the face of the mountain of evidence against them? That’s how it sounds after their latest motion.

Lori and Moss have officially requested this week for the trial to be scheduled for A WHOLE YEAR from now to give them time to prep!

Prosecutors previously offered October as a start date, but in a response filing, Sean Berkowitz, an attorney for the parents, argued the amount of evidence involved and the “general complexity of the case” made that unfeasible. Instead they are asking for a February 2021 start date.

You’re not ready to defend yourself because there’s too much evidence against you? Yeah, not a great position.

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An attorney for another parent who refused to plead guilty, media executive Elizabeth Kimmel, claimed in his filing prosecutors had provided the defense with over 1.9 million documents — consisting of more than 3.2 million pages and more than 300 hours of audio and video. Wow.

The most famous piece of evidence thus far is the very, very fake rowing resume for Olivia Jade, Lori’s popular YouTuber daughter. The document claimed she had multiple gold and silver medals in the sport despite never actually having competed.

But an inside source assured People this week the Giannullis were not responsible for creating the resume, explaining:

“They didn’t have anything to do with it. The handwritten part isn’t in any of their writing. They don’t even know enough about crew to know what awards are prestigious or not. They are not capable of falsifying a resume like that, because that’s not their world.”

“That’s not their world.” They don’t know anything about crew. Why? Because their daughters don’t row. And yet they were accepted to USC on conditional athletic status as members of the crew team. Hmm.

Yeah, we can see why the defense might need more time to figure out how to respond to all this evidence…

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Feb 14, 2020 06:17am PDT

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