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Meghan Markle Taking 'Much Softer Approach' To Prince Harry's Family!

Meghan Markle Taking ‘Much Softer Approach’ To Prince Harry’s Family!

Meghan Markle might be having a change of heart, but is it too late?

Meghan and Prince Harry have made enemies out of their UK relatives ever since walking away from their roles as senior working royals in 2020. Despite pleas to stop, they’ve continued to call out King Charles III, Queen Camilla, Prince William, and Princess Catherine in various tell-all media projects, only deepening their estrangement.

So, we were surprised to learn the Suits alum might be changing her mind when it comes to the royals! Speaking to People on Wednesday, a California source claimed Meghan is taking a “much softer approach about Harry’s family.”


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While this doesn’t mean they are going to reconcile anytime soon, the insider explained Meghan is doing her best to be less “negative” about the dynamic, they elaborated:

“The situation with his father and brother is still very difficult for him. Meghan is always supportive of it though. She used to be negative about it. It seems she has kind of moved on now.”

We hope she hasn’t totally moved on — as if none of this mattered to her — because, otherwise, what was all this for?! Harry lost his whole family to fight for Meghan!

Instead of worrying about the royal drama, the Archetypes host “just wants to focus on their kids and their life in Montecito.” It helps that there is such a big physical distance between them and their estranged family! The source pointed out:

“They have moved continents. They have set up a new life with their kids.”

The insider continued:

“[They] are very united when it comes to family values and how to raise their kids. They are both great parents. Their kids are their world.”

So much talk of them being a united front these days. Their team is working HARD to debunk the divorce speculation!!

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Nowadays, the Sussexes’ “goal” is for Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2, to “have a normal life as much as possible.” This includes a “very play-based” upbringing:

“They have several play areas, including a climbing gym on their property.”

Alongside playdates, they also spend lots of time at the beach with their parents, and Archie is in a regular school where Meghan picks him up like any other momma, a Montecito resident noted:

“She talks to everyone; there is no pretense.”

Addressing their life in Montecito further, a friend said they mostly keep to themselves unless they go out to eat, enjoy a beach day, or hit up a local market, sharing:

“They’re not into a big scene. They prefer smaller group hangouts at home, karaoke, that sort of thing. […] Harry’s a beer and steak-and-potatoes kind of dude. They’re playful and flirty when they’re hanging out.”

Montecito Journal columnist and local resident Richard Mineards added his two cents:

“They’re making a life here. It’s a good environment to be educated in.”

But they are reportedly considering a move to Malibu, so as much as they might like their current town, change could be on the horizon!

We wonder if Meghan’s attitude shift about the royal family will help Harry work towards forgiveness with his brother and father in the future? That would be nice! Send us your predictions (below)!

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