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Prince Harry Called William To Offer 'Truce'? Without Asking Meghan Markle First?!

Prince Harry Called Prince William No Meghan Markle

Whoa! If this is true, it could be the biggest news since, well, Megxit.

If you somehow missed the shocking claims earlier on Tuesday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s marriage is reportedly hanging by a thread. A Radar Online report claimed the couple were reeling in the aftermath of their financial struggles. After the Spotify deal fell through, and Netflix wasn’t the Sussex success they wanted, it’s supposedly left them struggling to make ends meet in their expensive Montecito mansion. A source told the outlet the couple’s relationship, like so many others, has buckled under financial strain — and they’re now “taking time apart.”

Whoa, right? And DeuxMoi responded Monday to a question about them selling their house by admitting she had heard “a couple weeks ago” that he was “staying someplace else.” WHA?!?

Living apart? Selling their place? What else could be happening with the couple? Buckle up, Perezcious readers…

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According to a new report from InTouchWeekly, Harry has really crossed the line — the phone line, as it turns out. Just a few days before the reports of the couple being on the outs, a source told the outlet the Duke is in full panic mode over their money problems — and he’s keenly aware their international reputation isn’t helping them to fix it! In his frantic state, he gave in and called his big brother, looking for a “truce”! Does he think leaving the royal family was a mistake? According to this report, maybe so! Because he was allegedly asking about returning to the fold!

Per the report, Will was “stunned” and “didn’t quite know what to say” — and only told him he’d think about it. But the Prince of Wales wasn’t the only one shocked.

Meghan has always been firmly against the idea of going back to the royal fam. Knowing what she’s said about her time there, this would essentially have been seen as a full betrayal, embracing the enemy as it were. She was, of course, furious. But it wasn’t just the reverse-course that upset Meghan. Per the report, he called William without consulting with her! After all, when you marry someone, that branch of the family tree becomes your home base — not the nest you left with your siblings! The Archetypes host was understandably “livid” that her hubby had made such a move, which he knew to be against her wishes — and all behind her back!

If all this is true, no wonder they needed to take some time apart!

That’s a big “if” obviously. We’ve got Radar, DeuxMoi, and InTouch. So obviously we’re taking all this with a grain of salt, but also — that’s three grains of salt so far, right? Nobody’s denying anything. What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

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