Michael Lohan Supports Lindsanity’s Early Rehab Release


Such a flip flopper!

After putting up a fight for his daughter to stay the full 90 days in rehab, Michael Lohan now believes that Lindsay she should be released early.

He said:

“After reading your post about Lindsay’s release and plans thereafter, I have to say that I agree with her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, the doctors and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) even Dina, that Lindsay SHOULD be released from UCLA’s drug program.”

The program “does NOT offer the treatment Lindsay needed or needs. What Judge Revel did, was basically sentence Lindsay to more jail time because UCLA’s program is like any other medical unit in jail or prison.

Yes, Lindsay should get out of UCLA, BUT she NEEDS to go into a program and get FAMILY therapy, to resolve the issues that caused her problems.”

WTF is wrong with UCLA?! Is putting her in her place so bad?!

Although Lindsay is apparently communicating with Matthew Wilder, the director of her upcoming film Inferno.

“Lindsay doesn’t need to be communicating with Matthew Wilder about his exploitive and provocative movie while she is in rehab,” said Michael. “She is supposed to be focusing on herself, NOT her career.”

As much as we don’t wanna, we have to agree with him on that!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 19, 2010 12:20pm PDT

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