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Missing Woman's Parents Aren't Happy Cops Killed Murder Suspect: 'My Wife Cried So Hard'

Missing Woman Alexis Gabe Boyfriend Note Killed By Police

This poor California woman has been missing since January — and it seems police may have blown their chance to find her!

In case you haven’t been following the case, Alexis Gabe was last seen at her home in the Bay Area on January 26. Oakley Police believe her disappearance was NOT by choice. In fact, they think she was murdered by her boyfriend, Marshall Curtis Jones (above, inset). Unfortunately when cops finally caught up with Jones this month, it did not go well. When U.S. Marshals and local officers tried to arrest him in a friend’s apartment in Kent, Washington where he’d apparently been hiding, they allege he had a knife — and that they had no choice but to shoot him dead. Hmm.

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Six months after she first went missing, Alexis’ parents got a huge lead! As we reported, the Gabes received copies of handwritten notes by Jones after his death — notes which authorities believe are the key to finding Alexis’ body. Included in the papers, found in the garbage at a house owned by Jones’ sister, are detailed driving directions which lead to a rural road in Pioneer, California — about 60 miles east of Sacramento.

Marshall Curtis Jones directions
(c) ABC7

Police believe they confirmed Jones followed the directions. Antioch police told the Gabe family they were able to track his phone to a location en route:

“Marshall turned off his phone for several hours during the period he drove to Pioneer… We believe he drove this route because about half of the way there he got lost and had to turn his phone on to get back on the right route.”

Cops immediately followed the directions and began their search in earnest for the 27-year-old’s remains.  They’ve searched 200 acres in the area, including draining an 8 million-gallon pond. Alexis’ father Gwyn Gabe told ABC7:

“Unfortunately, they found nothing.”

He added:

“They’re only focusing on Pioneer. They strongly believe she is there.”

He and his wife are still hopeful their daughter is alive. Gwyn said:

“Until we find a body, we’re just going to keep believing that she’s still alive.”

So sad. If police are right, and she is dead, every day of false hope is another delay for the parents to heal. The sooner she’s found, either way, the better. It will give them the closure they need.

Unfortunately cops may have blown the only chance they had of ever finding her. If they’re right, only Jones knew exactly where she was. The thing that’s going unsaid in a lot of reports we’re seeing about this new information, information that seems to prove Jones knew where she was, is how much of a failure this is on the part of police. They may already have found Alexis, alive or dead, if only they could manage to arrest a Black suspect without killing him. No one is going to defend the actions of the man if he murdered his girlfriend, but just because he was a suspected killer didn’t mean he didn’t have rights. And plenty of suspects are detained without being killed every day.

To be honest we’re mostly thinking about Alexis’ family right now. In a statement, Gwyn Gabe called Marshall’s death “tragic and unexpected,” revealing:

“My wife cried so hard upon hearing of his passing.”

It was all too clear how upset the family was with how this went down. The grieving father explained, holding back tears himself:

“We wanted to meet with him face to face. We wanted to look him in the eye and ask him why, ask him, ‘Where is Alexis?'”

They just hoped to get to face him — and find out once and for sure where their daughter is. You can learn more about the attempted arrest (below):

If you have any information that can help, reach out to the Alexis Gabe tip line at 925-625-7009.

[Image via Oakley Police Department/Fox 13/YouTube.]

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