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Game of Thrones Star Natalie Dormer Reveals She Secretly Had A Baby During Lockdown!

natalie dormer : secretly had baby during covid lockdown

Add another COVID baby to the list.

The “I-gave-birth-in-secret” is an increasingly popular move for celebs — enjoying the privacy of pregnancy is no doubt attractive. And during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s been easier than ever to drop off the grid and reappear with an infant.

Just ask Natalie Dormer, who announced that she had welcomed her first child with partner David Oakes during Tuesday’s episode of the podcast That’s After Life!. She told hosts Esther Rantzen and Adrian Mills:

“It’s the perfect thing to do during a pandemic, is get pregnant and have a baby. I feel like I’m probably being a bit of a cliche. She’ll probably be sitting in a bar in 30 years’ time… going, ‘Yeah, I’m a COVID baby!’ … I think there’s going to be lots of COVID babies, because what else could people do?”

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The Game of Thrones alum didn’t reveal the little one’s name, but shared:

“She’s just three months and she’s an absolute joy, but I’m never going to complain about shooting hours ever again because sleep deprivation is something else. … People say, ‘Your whole perspective on life will change, and your whole set of value system…’ and you sort of roll your eyes and go, ‘Yeah, yeah…’ — and then you have one and you go, ‘Oh, wow!'”

She admitted that it would be “difficult” to return to work now that she’s a mom, reflecting:

“People in the industry that I’m in do lean on nannies and they do that for a reason, so that they can take children with them. But, I mean for me, this is the perfect time to go back to the stage, because then I could be with her all day. But with COVID, who knows when that will happen.”

In that case, take the time to soak up all that extra baby time, girl! Congratulations!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN]

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