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Olivia Culpo BANNED Sister Aurora From Bringing Her New Boyfriend -- Bethenny Frankel's Ex Paul Bernon -- To Wedding!

Olivia Culpo BANNED Sister Aurora From Bringing Her New Boyfriend -- Bethenny Frankel's Ex Paul Bernon -- To Wedding!

One person who was not on the guest list for Olivia Culpo’s wedding to San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey last weekend? Her big sister’s new boyfriend! Her kinda famous new boyfriend…

OK, so rewind a tick… Because it turns out Aurora Culpo is now seeing Bethenny Frankel‘s ex-fiance!

In case you missed it, The Real Housewives of New York City alum ended her engagement with Paul Bernon recently. It didn’t take long before the 45-year-old film producer had a new gal — the 35-year-old podcast host. Last month, Deuxmoi revealed Aurora and Paul were seen out together. Once, on May 18, an insider claimed they were “making out at The ‘Quin House in Boston.” The gossip account also received an anonymous tip from a source on June 2, saying Paul looked “SUPER lovey dovey with a woman” and “soooooo in love.” That woman he’s supposedly head over heels for was later identified as Aurora.

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Then, we got pictures of Aurora and Paul together in Rhode Island last Thursday, a few days before her sister’s wedding in the same state! So Aurora seemingly brought him as her date to the ceremony, right? We certainly assumed so since he was with her and her family leading up to the big day! However, it turns out she wasn’t allowed to bring Paul as her plus-one! Olivia BANNED him from coming!

During Wednesday’s episode of Aurora’s podcast Barely Filtered — recorded before the nuptials — sis wanted to ask the Miss Universe winner a question about the new boyfriend. Olivia immediately cut off her sibling to say:

“He’s not invited to the wedding if that’s what you’re going to say.”

Damn! It’s not because she disapproves of Paul personally, however! She just doesn’t know him! When Aurora called the decision “rude,” the former pageant queen fired back that it was “rude to invite somebody” the bride had “never met” before. Not to mention it could be kind of awkward for all parties involved if the first meeting is at a wedding! Olivia noted that Aurora previously posed the question as if her “friend” could come. When her sister corrected her that Paul was her “special friend,” the bride clapped back:

“Yeah, okay, Flavor of the month. Not interested. Sorry, it’s not a reflection of you, it’s a reflection of my sister.”

Way to get in a harsh dig at Aurora! Ouch! We understand why Olivia doesn’t want him at the wedding! She doesn’t know how this relationship between Paul and Aurora will turn out. They could only last a few months — or even just a few more weeks! Who wants wedding pictures with your sister’s possible short-lived boyfriend…?

At the same time, when does a boyfriend cross the threshold to become worthy of plus-one status? It’s a fascinating wedding etiquette question.

But don’t worry! There is no feud brewing between the two sisters now over the matter! Aurora said they reached a compromise where her boyfriend wouldn’t attend the wedding. Instead, he would spend time with the entire family the day before the rehearsal dinner. So Paul didn’t appear in wedding pics, but the fledgling couple still took a big step in the relationship — he met her loved ones, which could turn out to be important if they have a future together! Watch the podcast episode (below) to see all the sisterly drama unfold:

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you feel it would’ve been weird if Paul showed up to Olivia’s wedding so soon into the relationship? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Bethenny Frankel/Olivia Culpo/Aurora Culpo/Instagram]

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