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Source Says Olivia Jade Still Resents Mom Over Scandal -- But Is Getting Help From Daddy To Fix Her Brand

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If anyone was still upset USC hadn’t formally kicked out Lori Loughlin‘s daughters after discovering they got in under false pretenses, well you don’t need to worry — about one of them at least.

According to an inside source spilling to ETOlivia Jade Giannulli is NOT going back to college:

“Olivia has no plans to return to USC. She never wanted to attend USC to begin with, and now she is sure that USC isn’t the place for her.”

That’s pretty consistent with the Olivia Jade we’ve come to know over the past couple months.

We first heard about the YouTube star back in March when the college admissions scandal first broke.

Momma Lori Loughlin was the most famous of the fifty people indicted for their alleged participation in a scheme for parents to pay off corrupt officials and faculty to help get their kids into college.

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Lori and hubby Mossimo Giannulli were accused of bribing officials with a whopping $500,000 to fake their daughters’ participation in USC’s crew team despite the fact neither Olivia nor her sister Isabella Rose Giannulli actually rowed.

It was clear why Aunt Becky became the face of the scandal — her squeaky clean TV image ran perfectly counter to this kind of moral misstep.

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But Olivia became a surprise symbolic figure when we learned she didn’t even want to go to the school in the first place!

We heard from insiders she never even went to class!

When news broke she and her sis had been kicked out of their sorority over the college admissions scandal, it turned out Olivia hadn’t been — because she’d never finished the application process to join in the first place!

No, the 19-year-old was always far more interested in the career she had already begun, as a social media influencer and YouTube content creator. And that continues to this day, per ET‘s source, who says:

“Right now her goal is to rebuild her brand and her business.”

How exactly does she plan to do that?

Even if you don’t believe she was knowingly involved in the scam, her image has become the epitome of spoiled do-nothing privilege over the past few months.

According to the source, she has turned to her father for help “because he understands business.”

Mossimo Giannulli has indeed run a business for over three decades, founding his eponymous fashion company in 1986. But what does he know about rebranding?

The Mossimo brand was huge in the early ’90s. Kids all over were sporting Mossimo jeans and backpacks. Then he tried to rebrand as haute couture in 1996, and shares in the company plummeted by 92%. In the face of that failure, he rebranded again — and Mossimo became the in-house brand of Target in 2000. He even starred in the commercials:

However, when the college admission scandal broke, Target distanced themselves, saying they hadn’t been in business with him for more than a decade. Hmm…

So what is Business Savvy Daddy’s advice to Olivia Jade?

“He has been encouraging Olivia to create a new brand, either makeup or beauty related.”

Considering her old brand was Olivia Jade, it’s going to be a little hard to cover that up.

Maybe she should focus on concealer… LOLz!

So what about Olivia’s relationship with her mom? Has that improved?

Despite some believing they’re just playing nice for the public, this insider says there has been real progress over the past months:

“Therapy has helped to bring the family together during some really rough times. Olivia and her mother have been communicating and things have improved.”

That did, however, require contrition on behalf of Aunt Becky, who got Olivia into this mess in the first place:

“Lori has apologized many times to her girls and has told them that she only wants the best for them. Olivia has forgiven her, but she still carries some resentment because she realizes that this scandal has marked her and will never entirely go away.”

Yep. Going to make rebranding pretty hard — though we’re sure people would rather watch her on YouTube than let her back into university in place of some more deserving kid.

What do YOU think about Olivia’s rebranding dreams??

[Image via Olivia Jade/YouTube/Sheri Determan/Dimitri Haikidis/WENN.]

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