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Olivia Jade Is PISSED At Us!

Olivia Jade flipped us off

Flippin’ the bird!

Olivia Jade, who has “be kind” in her bio on Instagram, is PISSED at us, y’all! So mad, in fact, that she opted for double middle fingers on IG this afternoon directed specifically at us, PeopleDaily Mail, and a few other outlets. Controversial! Edgy! Not kind! But honestly… we kind of love the attitude! LOLz!!

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As you can see in this screenshot (just in case she deletes!), Lori Loughlin‘s embattled daughter is miffed about “sources” who have been reporting the happenings in her life as mom and dad prepare for trial in the ongoing college admissions scandal.

Seriously, look at this thing, caption included (below):

Olivia Jade flipped off Instagram pic
Olivia Jade’s Instagram bio reads ‘Be Kind.’ OK, gurl!!! / (c) Instagram/Olivia Jade

LOLz! You shouldn’t be so kind, girl!

Celebs will push back on stories from time to time, but this is a new one… the double middle finger on IG with three hashtags… and no emojis?! Hmmm. Kinda bizarre and definitely unintentionally hilarious!

Love that pose, tho… werk, gurl! Werk!!!

But What’s She Mad About?!

Let’s think about how we got here… now why would Olivia be so mad about “sources,” anyways? And why flip us off or it?

Could it be because we’ve been reporting recently how Olivia apparently still resents her mom amid the ongoing fallout from the college admissions scandal, but she’s not afraid to ask daddy for help to re-start her brand as she attempts to reviver her “influencer” career? She certainly doesn’t come away looking good according to those sources. Could that be it?

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Or could it be the report contending Olivia Jade didn’t dump her boyfriend… but rather, he actually dumped her?? What can we say about this one, y’all?! Sucks to get broken up with, doesn’t it?? Well, maybe not if you can build clout with bigger YouTube stars after you cut things off!

Maybe it’s the news about Olivia allegedly BEGGING to return to USC even after the college admissions scandal, just so people will think she’s interested in her education? Salacious! And not a great look, according to those sources!

Or perhaps it’s the news about Olivia already planning her “comeback” to social media even as her parents face the potential of real, actual federal prison time? Definitely not a flattering read there; we can’t imagine thinking about YouTube analytics and IG followers when mom and dad are in the slammer along with the sketchy dude who scammed everyone at the Fyre Festival

Oh, whoops, did we drop all those links in there?? Just like that? That sucks…

Oh well, there’s all the attention you ordered, boo!!!

[Image via Olivia Jade/Instagram]

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Aug 11, 2019 12:50pm PDT