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Sam Asghari Says He Caught Britney Spears Cheating... With A House Staff Member?!

Sam caught britney cheating with a house staff member?

Uhh. WHAT?!

We now have more insight into the big blowout fight we’d heard was the death knell for Britney Spears‘ marriage!

TMZ claimed the couple broke up after Sam Asghari accused Brit of cheating. Well, now that outlet’s sources are claiming it wasn’t just empty accusations. There really WAS cheating going on, and there’s proof — at least that’s what Sam is reportedly telling people in his inner circle.

According to TMZ, a source says Sam’s version of events is wild. He caught his wife cheating with a house staff member! Brit had one worker shoot naked videos of her while she engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with another. WHOA!

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And that footage of the two hooking up? The source says Sam is saying he has it now! That’s how he found out about the cheating in the first place — getting hold of the video! That would be damning if true, for sure! Not to mention painful.

Of course, we have noticed Sam-friendly sources are quick to spill to TMZ. With such a contentious divorce, with millions of dollars at stake, we’ll have to take accusations with a big ol’ grain of salt without proof. Especially when they’re this salacious. The outlet’s insider also explained that Brit is in a “fragile and hyper-sexualized state” — and has become a danger to herself. That sounds like the kind of claim someone concerned with the state of her conservatorship might make. Just sayin’.

A big issue with this claim, though… If Sam really has proof his wife cheated on him, why would he list the cause of divorce on his filing as “irreconcilable differences”? That’s the old standard, growing apart, not getting along divorce cause. When you have a real cause, like adultery? Why not say that?

Supposedly Sam is willing to go public with the worst info about his estranged wife. Why not say in his divorce filing that she cheated? Well… we did also hear he was allegedly planned to basically extort her for a better prenup deal. You can’t hold info for ransom if it’s in the official divorce filing.

Could it be that’s the ammo he was hoping to use? And is that the worst he’s got?

If this is true, it may change some minds about this split. Thus far Sam has been a real villain in this story, but one could understand why he’d be so upset if Britney was cheating on him! Would it justify him using proof of that betrayal to squeeze more money out of her? No, we don’t think so. But it would get some folks on his side, we’d wager. But like we said, grain of salt for now.

[Image via Sam Asghari/Instagram]

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Aug 17, 2023 13:57pm PDT