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Sam Asghari Threatening To Release 'Extraordinarily Embarrassing' Material If Britney Spears Doesn't Renegotiate Prenup: REPORT

Britney Spears Husband Sam Asghari Threatening To Release Embarrassing Info Renegotiate Prenup

WTF?! If this is true, this is despicable!

Multiple sources are backing up TMZ‘s report that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have split up after seven years together — 14 months of it as husband and wife. An insider told the outlet Sam has already moved out, and it’s “only a matter of time before” her files for divorce.

Obviously this would be “devastating” for Brit, as another source told People — her third divorce, and this time after she really thought she’d found her soulmate. But it gets worse. A LOT worse.

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According to a bombshell new report from Page Six, Sam is allegedly looking to beef up his payout before walking away, and he’s doing it in the grossest, most unethical way possible — extortion!

Like we said, this is a WILD report!

We already know the couple has a prenup in place. Supposedly it’s “ironclad,” too — to protect Brit’s money. And after she worked so hard to get control of her finances back from her father, it better be! TMZ‘s source said they expected her to write a big, fat check to Sam anyway, just to make it go away faster. But supposedly he wants more!

A source tells Page Six Sam is “attempting to negotiate concessions beyond his prenup and threatening to go public with extraordinarily embarrassing information about Britney unless he gets paid.”

Holy $#!+. “Threatening to go public with extraordinarily embarrassing information”?! That’s extortion, right? UGH! Such a disgusting move if true. It really makes one wonder… did he ever love her? We mean, they were together for years, and then once they get married, they start having problems? For months they’re fighting all the time and “toxic”? And then he accuses her of cheating in a huge blowout fight that basically ends the marriage? Hmm.

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So what’s the deal with the prenup he wants to renegotiate? The outlet was told at the time it was very much in Britney’s “favor,” which, obviously, right? Their source at the time said:

“Any money she made before the wedding is protected”

So like… all of it basically? How much could she have made off royalties in the past 14 months??

Us Weekly got a more in-depth look at the document protecting Brit’s estimated $60 million fortune. Per that outlet, Sam had to waive any claims to Britney’s music library. The doc allots the actor “$1 million per every two years” they’re together, with a cap of $10 mil after 15 years. So… they didn’t even make two years, is he currently getting nothing based on this thing? Are we reading this right??

That would explain his alleged scheme to “negotiate” the terms again. So gross.

Do y’all buy this report, Perezcious readers? Would Sam really betray Britney’s trust like this? What do YOU think of this shocking report??

[Image via Sam Asghari/Instagram.]

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Aug 16, 2023 17:31pm PDT