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Meghan Markle's Sister Banned From Twitter AGAIN After Sneaking Past First Ban!

Meghan Markle and Samantha pictured separately

Samantha Markle couldn’t fool Twitter!

On Monday, Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister had her Twitter account suspended for allegedly trying to sneak her way around the original ban the platform issued back in 2019.

The 57-year-old’s first account, @sammy-markle, was suspended three years ago. But because Sam has a lot to say about her polarizing sister and doesn’t want to be silenced, she tried to pull a fast one on the social site by making a second account, @TheMarkleSammy.

However, Twitter eventually caught on and shut down Sam’s second coming for good — much to the chagrin of the anti-Meg trolls who Samantha has rallied over the past few years.

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It’s not totally clear why Sam’s first account was taken down, but Twitter issued a statement saying the second account was suspended “due to ban evasion.” The decision came days after BuzzFeed claimed the account had been repeatedly used to harass the Duchess of Sussex and question the validity of her two pregnancies.

For what it’s worth, Sam’s lawyer, Douglas Kahle, denied the allegations and claimed the account was hacked, alleging that the tweets in Buzzfeed’s report were “photo-shopped.” The lawyer told the outlet:

“Ms. Markle’s email and other accounts have been hacked on several occasions and it is very likely that those statements were made by third parties to defame our client. Due to the urgency of this matter, we are still investigating.”

Interestingly, though, BuzzFeed reporter Ellie Hall said she had been in contact with Samantha earlier this year but was never told that her accounts had been hacked before.

According to the outlet’s investigation, Sam had used multiple Twitter accounts over the past four years to spread defamatory statements against her half sister. Many of them claim the Suits alum was never pregnant with her two children, Archie and Lilibet, with Sam allegedly spewing QAnon-level theories that Meghan wore a fake pregnancy costume, that she suffered a miscarriage, that the two children are actually dolls, and that the Duchess may have been involved with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein.

So it looks like Samantha won’t get to do any Meghan-bashing on Twitter anytime soon. But luckily for her, she’ll get the opportunity to bash away in court, as Sam filed a $75,000 defamation lawsuit against Prince Harry’s wife last week over the “false” narrative the actress allegedly peddled as a “rags to riches” story during her chat with Oprah Winfrey.

As we reported, Samantha claimed the mother-of-two launched a “premeditated campaign to destroy” her and her father Thomas Markle‘s reputation by attempting to ruin their credibility. She also insisted Meghan lied when she claimed she “essentially raised herself from virtual poverty” and from 13 had to take on low-paying jobs to “make ends meet.”

The lawsuit also rejected Meghan’s claims that she and Sam had met only “a handful of times” and that she had “never had a relationship with” her or their father, rebuffing:

“This is false. Samantha spent time with Defendant on a regular basis throughout her childhood and even lived in the same apartment house with Defendant for a period of time. Samantha picked up Meghan from school; took Meghan for ice cream and to the mall regularly, and spent many family holidays with the Defendant. Meghan’s father was Meghan’s primary care-giver and Meghan and Samantha saw each other regularly. This is an attempt by Meghan to create the false impression that Meghan was essentially an only child with no contact with other family members, or as Meghan stated on Oprah, that she had ‘no siblings.’ Meghan apparently wanted to convince the public that her family members knew nothing about her life and, thus, were not qualified to contradict the false narrative Meghan had fabricated about her life.”

Looks like this family war will continue off Twitter for now!

[Image via YouTube/GBNews/NYT]

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