Sharon Stone Defends James Franco Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations!

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Sharon Stone is trusting her Basic Instinct!

In early January, the Los Angeles Times published a shocking article where five women accused James Franco of inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior.

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Days earlier, the 39-year-old actor attended and was honored at the 2018 Golden Globes, wearing a Time’s Up pin on his lapel.

Recently, Stone appeared on Marc Maron‘s WTF podcast where she defended her The Disaster Artist costar, calling him the “the loveliest, kindest, sweetest, elegant, nicest man.”

The 60-year-old exclaimed:

“I’m appalled by this thing about him that is happening… Now all of a sudden he’s a bad guy? I worked with him, I know him… He’s a kind friend, lovely professional. I’m absolutely appalled by this.”

Although the legendary thespian supports the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, she believes each case needs to be fairly evaluated.

“I don’t feel like these trials without due process are entirely appropriate… I feel that it’s appropriate that people have to take responsibility for the actions, but I do feel that some due process is in order… There’s a range of activities. And you can’t charge somebody with a felony over a misdemeanor… There has to be a balance here where this has to be heard in a rational format. So this isn’t just black and white. And it can’t be that every man who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing in life is a criminal. ├óΓé¼╦£Cause a lot of men are just stupid.”

While the Casino star says “some men are just incredibly stupid,” that doesn’t necessarily mean they are predators.

“Some men are just incredibly stupid… You go out with them, they bring you home for a good-night kiss and they grab your hand and put it on their penis. A 50-year-old man. I don’t think they’re trying to sexually harass me, I think they’re just incredibly stupid and awkward. Like, really? That’s your move? Please don’t ever call me again, because you’re too stupid to date. I don’t think I should ruin your whole life over that but I just think you’re incredibly stupid.”

But don’t get it twisted. Stone admits she has personally confronted men who have harassed her in the past. She told them:

“├óΓé¼╦£I’m not naming names and ruining lives, but if I was, I would name names and ruin your life.”‘

Because of his allegations, Franco was cut from Vanity Fair‘s 2018 Hollywood Issue.

So, do you agree with Sharon??

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