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Cassie Randolph Reveals 'Horrible' Way She Learned About Ex Colton Underwood Coming Out

Cassie Randolph Reveals 'Horrible' Way She Learned About Abusive Ex Colton Underwood Coming Out

Cassie Randolph was NOT ready for former Bachelor lead Colton Underwood‘s coming out.

Of course, we reported on that dynamic almost a year ago when insiders revealed that the former winner of the reality TV show was never told by Underwood that he was gay prior to the 30-year-old former football player announcing it to the world on Good Morning America. And while that seemed so unexpected at the time — how could Colton not tell his ex that he was gay before revealing it on live TV?! — we now know Cassie really didn’t know ANYTHING about Colton’s sexual orientation!

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This week on Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s Bachelor Nation-themed podcast, Off The Vine, Cassie opens up quite a bit about her TV infamy — and confirms that previously-sourced story about how she found out about Colton’s orientation on Snapchat!

In Tuesday’s new podcast ep, the 26-year-old reality TV alum confirmed what insiders had previously alleged about Colton failing to disclose his sexuality to Cassie before going on GMA last year. Speaking candidly to Bristowe, Randolph confirmed the Snapchat story, explaining (below):

“I found out the same way that everyone else did. I was actually in Mexico on vacation with friends. … But yeah, I found out, I think, through Snapchat on GMA. It was horrible. It was just, like, a shocking kind of feeling.”


So it is true! That’s wild. We still don’t understand why Colton would not, like, be mature and honest with her before dropping such a big public bombshell on the world?!

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To Randolph’s credit, she was as forthright and honest as ever on Off the Vine this week. After all, she has been thrust back into the Bachelor Nation spotlight after appearing on the final episode of Clayton Echard‘s most recent season on the show.

In that ep, contestant Susie Evans‘ situation — where she decided to leave during Fantasy Suites after learning Echard had been intimate with the other two finalists, only for Clayton to send the other women home and win her back — is somewhat similar to Cassie’s own tense trajectory during Colton’s prior TV run.

Speaking about Susie’s temporary distrust of Echard, and likening it to her own previous situation, Cassie said:

“I definitely was having déjà vu watching this, for sure. I think the fact that Susie left in the first place just kind of shows, you know, she really stuck with her intuition and was right — as hard as it was, she had to leave. When she initially came on the show, she wanted to find something. I just hope that she sticks with her intuition.”

No kidding…

And Randolph further opened up to Bristowe about her Bachelor experience which, even in spite of myriad issues involving Underwood, sounds like it wasn’t so bad overall! For one, it sounds like Cassie has learned quite a bit since being thrust into the spotlight in such a controversial way surrounding Colton’s coming out:

“I think I’ve really grown into myself the last few years. I mean, so much has happened. … I feel a lot more decisive, I guess, in what I want or my opinions on things. [During the show], I think I was just very young. It was so new that now I’ve kind of gotten used to this new kind of life change, and I can more clearly see things for what they are.”

And the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire alum further explained her outlook on the reality TV competition series itself to Kaitlyn during this week’s podcast chat, too (below):

“I feel like people were so shocked that I was on. I would love to know why people thought it was such a big deal. … I don’t think I even meant to not do it. I think it just kind of happened that way. … If they ever wanted me to, like, make an appearance like the other night, it was super fun. So, I was like, ‘Of course,’ but it just never really comes up.”

Well then!

What do U make of Cassie’s take on all this, Perezcious readers?!

Are you surprised to hear her confirm that prior reporting about how she learned of Colton’s coming out?? Or did U expect that to be the case all along once you heard the initial insider report last about it last April?!

Sound OFF with your take on everything here down in the comments (below)…

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