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Bachelor Clayton Echard Accused Of Sending ‘Creepy Pickup Lines’ On Dating Sites!

Bachelor Clayton Echard Accused Of Sending ‘Creepy Pickup Lines’ On Dating Sites!

It turns out that Clayton Echard allegedly has had a long history of being a f**kboy!

*WARNING: if you have not seen the finale of The Bachelor yet, there are some spoilers ahead*

As viewers know, the television personality began his journey to find love in January and had a season jam-packed with drama right up to the last second of the finale. Not surprisingly, he had some less-than-stellar reviews from Bachelor fans – especially after said finale saw him convince both Rachel Reccihia AND Gabby Windey to give him another shot. Yeah, this dude admitted he was “in love” with both of them and he slept with both of them during the fantasy suites, too. What’s worse is he ended up DUMPING THEM at the same time (!!!) to run off and fix things with Susie Evans, who left after learning Clayton hooked up with them.

Seriously, dude?!

Although Susie rejected the final rose, she reached back out to Clayton after the drama that unfolded in Iceland, and they eventually got back together. They are now a seemingly happy couple and even have plans to move to Virginia. Wow. However, Susie may be pulling the brakes on that happily ever after learning this about her man…

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Apparently, Clayton has been deemed a “serial swiper” by multiple women on social media who claimed they received some “creepy pickup lines” from him on dating apps in the past. Back in January, a social media user went viral on TikTok when she recorded a video with the caption “Mizzou girls have all the tea for this one,” seemingly referring to the University of Missouri where Clayton attended on a football scholarship. She also wrote over top the video:

“Trying to support this season’s Bachelor but he had a thing with your friend and lied to her about going on the show.”


Mizzou girls have all the tea for this one #bachelorready #fyp #bachelor

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Many have taken to the comments section, sharing similar alleged accounts of their alleged interactions with the reality star on Hinge and Bumble. Some have even doubled down on their alleged “weird” stories about Clayton to The Sun! A woman named Allison commented on the TikTok video, saying:

“I matched w him on Hinge in Jan 2020 and he told me he wanted me to ‘climb him like a tree. … not the worst story about him but he’s def a creeper.”

She further opened up about the claim to The Sun, saying that Clayton “messaged” her first:

“Nothing out of the ordinary stood out to me [about his Hinge profile], I knew he was in a hospital setting [based on his photos].”

However, that is when things took an icky turn for Allison:

“Then he had said, ‘I want you to climb me like a tree,’ and that took me aback. Like ‘woah,’ yeah I don’t remember initiating that kind of talk with him. Obviously, guys say creepy stuff all the time, but that stuck out to me. As soon as I heard he was the Bachelor I was like oh my god, he is the guy who said that to me. His comment didn’t necessarily give me creeper guy – just ‘this guy is trying to get it in’ vibes.”

But that is not the only instance… Another social media user named Shawn told the outlet that her friend matched with Clayton back in 2020, and they ended up meeting up at a bar in St. Louis:

“[My friend] was matching with a bunch of people and meeting them [while we were] out. It was my 21st birthday [and we celebrated] in St. Louis, the same area as him.”

The pair ended up leaving the bar to head to an Airbnb that she shared with Shawn and the rest of their friends. When the group returned to the vacation rental and it became clear her friend was not down to hook up, Clayton allegedly became completely disinterested with everyone and left as fast as possible:

“We didn’t even get to meet him [Clayton] at the bar, they [her friend and the future Bachelor] just left [together], and as soon as we showed up [at the Airbnb] he didn’t want to be there anymore. He didn’t want anything to do with her or being around us when they weren’t hooking up. He scurried away so fast, it was funny. She [the friend] said it was very awkward the whole time, there was no conversation. He can’t even hold a conversation, like what? As soon as he left she was like, ‘that was the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.’ When we saw he became The Bachelor we were like ‘wait what?’ We thought it was funny and coincidental.”

A third woman, named Sarah, shared via TikTok when the show premiered that they ended up messaging in 2019 when she came across his Bumble profile. She wrote, in part:

“Hey… hi… hello! Seriously, I can’t believe I’m even doing this! Soooo, I just saw you on bumble! I told myself just wait & see… clearly I didn’t take my own advice! Shoot! anyways, I guess I’m just wanting to say hey? Ha! What am i doin!?”

He then responded:

“I haven’t seen you come across Bumble yet! What are you up to tonight?”

After she asked if she was “crazy” and replied that she was “working” at the time, he replied:

“Nah, I don’t think you are! I just finished a Tough Mudder. It was brutal! What have you been up to all day.”

But she ended up leaving him on read and did not respond again until “two years later.” Take a look at the video (below):


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Sarah told The Sun that after posting the clip, she soon noticed that a lot of other women ended up having similar experiences with Clayton:

“Once the season started I reposted [my TikTok] … and [in the comments] all these girls are like ‘Oh my gosh I saw him on Bumble too, this happened to me.’”

Not a good look! She then added of the Bachelor star:

“From what it sounds like, he’s a serial swiper.”

Yikes! It sounds like Clayton may have some emotional maturing to do…

While we could give him the benefit of the doubt that a lot of these interactions seemed to happen around 2020, and he could have changed by now, it seems a little unlikely based on the two-part finale! But who knows!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Bachelor Nation/YouTube]

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