Justin Bieber Has Moves One Direction Can’t Even Fathom, According To Tim McGraw!

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Tim McGraw is the MASTER of crossover duets!!

From Nelly to Gwyneth Paltrow to the wonderfully tragic Highway Don’t Care with Taylor Swift, the king of country has worked with many of the industry’s best and the brightest!

While he aspires to work with even more great artists, he just doesn’t see a future with Justin Bieber!!!

On Tuesday he revealed:

“I don’t know if I have the moves [to work with Justin.] I think I might embarrass my daughters if I try to dance.”

Wait, what!?!

We won’t deny that The Biebs has more sweet shakes than an Etch A Sketch, but with a little practice maybe Tim could keep up!!!

He certainly isn’t against catering to tweens, though — he implied he’s totes down to collaborate with One Direction on an amazeballs sex tape record!

So obviously their moves ain’t nothing compared to Bieber’s!

He continued:

“With a couple of teenage girls in the house, at any given time I could be driving our Griswold Family Cruiser with six high school cheerleaders and hear any number of things musically that I would never be exposed to. I hear One Direction all the time coming from upstairs in the house.”

Who else is on Faith Hill‘s husband’s to-do list?

Tim admitted:

“There are a lot of great artists out there. I think Pink is fantastic. I love her voice. A duet with Bruce Springsteen would be a big home run for me.”

Timmy Boy and The Boss and Pink??

That would be a big home run for everyone!!!

[Image via WENN.]

May 8, 2013 11:10pm PDT