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Travis Kelce Reveals EXACTLY What He Wants To Do After His Football Career Ends! 

Travis Kelce has some big plans for his future after he’s done playing football!

During the latest episode of the New Heights podcast on Wednesday, he and Jason Kelce got into a long discussion about the idea of owning an NFL franchise during retirement. See, the news dropped this week of Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie possibly selling a small portion of the team. Jason said he would buy a minority stake in his former team — and wouldn’t mind Travis joining in on the deal! He asked:

“Trav, should we try and buy some of it?”

Unfortunately for Jason, Travis was not fully sold on the business move! He pointed out how Tom Brady experienced trouble buying a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders since it messed with his “TV deals.” See, you can’t own a team, even partially, and still do commentating. It’s against the rules because you have a financial conflict of interest with giving your honest opinion.

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Jason said he would throw it all away if it meant he could own the Eagles! The dad of three said:

“I’ll back out of the TV deal right now if you tell me I can own the Philadelphia Eagles. [Getting] to be an owner? That’s like another level.”

Ha! Jason is ride-or-die for the Eagles, as always!!

For Travis though? He “would rather try” and become “a minority stake owner in the Chiefs.” Obviously! He’s been with the team since day one of his career! Why not continue with them in some sort of capacity during retirement? However, both brothers pointed out that they most likely couldn’t “afford it” at the end of the day. Fair enough!

But the most important reason isn’t even the money. Travis doesn’t want to ruin his chances of becoming an NFL broadcaster by being an owner when his time on the field ends. Apparently, that is what he ultimately wants to do later on! He ended up admitting something we’re not sure we’ve ever heard him say before:

“I want to broadcast when I’m done playing.”

Even Jason was taken aback, responding:

“You’re saying that right now, you want to broadcast?”

To which Trav responded with an easy and quick, “yes.”

When asked by Jason what he specifically “wanted to do” in broadcasting, Travis explained he wanted to be the one calling out the plays. Doing an impression of an old-timey radio voice, he admitted:

“I want to be right here and tell them about the game, the old ball coach, ladies and gentlemen. I want to do that. I wanna be the talking head that calls the games.”

Nice! It’s a good thing Jason already has an in for his younger brother — since he joined ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown after retiring from the Eagles. However, something tells us Trav will have no problem scoring a post-retirement gig without the former center’s help, whether in the broadcasting or acting world! He already has experience as he’s set to host Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? and appear on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming show Grotesquerie. He even hosted Saturday Night Live and starred on a reality show! Add in the fact Swifties will want to see Travis on the screen if he’s still with Taylor Swift by that point, he most likely will have a job lined up down the road!

So the television personality shouldn’t stress too much during the post-football chapter of his life! But yeah, he probably shouldn’t be looking to buy a team any time soon…

Watch the podcast episode, with the team-buying talk starting about the 51:45 mark (below):

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you think Trav would make a great broadcaster? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via MEGA/WENN, New Heights/YouTube]

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