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Hillary Clinton

We Support Hillary Clinton!!!


Not that our opinion matters (any more than yours). Nor do we expect that we will influence your vote in any way, but….

Today is Super Tuesday and we feel it is our duty to publicly endorse Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic candidate that will be the next President of the United States.

As we have previously stated, Hillary wasn’t our fist choice. We were initially swayed by the promise of change and the inspiring messages of Barack Obama.

But that’s not enough!

After careful consideration and much research, we have come to the informed decision that Hillary is the right candidate for us.

We feel more confident with Hillary’s abilities to lead and her proven track record of experience. But, more so than that, HER plans for universal healthcare, education reform and emphasis on equality for all are more aligned with what we want in the next President.

We watched the debates and Clinton just won us over.

Barack is great. But Hillary is the better leader, for us.

However, Obama MUST stay in the picture. This country needs him, just as we need Clinton.

It’s been a great and heated campaign thus far, but we sincerely hope when it comes time for the Democratic convention that the Clinton/Obama dream ticket will be a reality!

Whether you agree with us or not, please go out and vote today.

Rock it!

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Feb 05, 2008 04:00am PDT

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