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Wendy Williams' Brother SLAMS Ex-TV Host For Snubbing 92-Year-Old Father's Birthday!

Wendy Williams' Brother SLAMS The Ex-Daytime TV Host For Snubbing Her 92-Year-Old Father's Birthday!

Wendy Williams‘ brother is not happy with the ex-daytime television host after she apparently missed celebrating her own 92-year-old father’s most recent birthday.

And now, Tommy Williams Jr. is speaking out in anger! He is challenging the former Wendy Williams Show host to show up and be more active at family gatherings ASAP. But will she heed the message??

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On Monday afternoon, the U.S. Sun published an interview with Tommy. In it, the miffed brother slammed the troubled television hosting veteran for not stepping up when it has come to connecting via recent important family moments. Chief among those was the 92nd birthday celebration of the siblings’ father, Tommy Williams Sr., which went down this past weekend. Wendy was a no-show for that, Tommy claimed. And he is NOT happy about it.

He told the news outlet:

“The focus never seemed to have gotten back to family and particularly my dad. And that’s the travesty in all of this. She’s caught up in what everyone else is caught up in, how her life is panning out. Just be a family member, just be a daughter, but I guess she’s not going to be either.”


Tommy continued, saying being a good daughter to her aging father would be “a nice role” for Wendy — and one that she hasn’t been fulfilling lately. He explained:

“I guess she’s going to be a show host, but a nice role would be a daughter — because our parents have done everything for us. That’s the painful part of it all and it is what it is. But it’s not slowing his vitality down, or his zest for life and joy.”

Now for what it’s worth, a year ago, Wendy was very much involved with his dad’s special day. When he turned 91 last February, the 58-year-old veteran on-air personality was down in Florida spending time with him and the fam in a low-key manner. But that’s all changed recently as Wendy has apparently gone AWOL from family stuff — at least according to Tommy.

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Frustrated by these new developments, he questioned what Wendy could be doing right now instead. He also slammed her supposed forthcoming podcast, noting that no updates have come out in quite a while:

“There is still nothing new on the podcast front, so I don’t know what her focus is. Everyone has their own choice on how they want to break their bread and if she never wants to work again. That’s fine too, she’s in that position.”

The shade…

He’s not wrong about the podcast questions, though. Back in November, Wendy appeared at an event with New York City’s WBLS radio station and told the audience her Wendy Williams Experience podcast would be launching “in the next few weeks.” Of course, that was more than three months ago now. And besides a merch sale, there hasn’t been much else new to report on the show front. So what gives??

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When the U.S. Sun asked Wendy’s team about that, the star’s publicist tried to downplay the delay. The PR rep would not give a specific time frame for the show, only saying the podcast is “coming soon” and adding:

“Wendy’s podcast is coming to life and is in its planning stage. Wendy is enthused to get out there and is building a product that is precise and exemplifies her and the needs of her fanbase. All good things take time!”

So the waiting game continues, we guess.

What do U make of Wendy’s apparently family dramas here, Perezcious readers?? What about those persistent podcast questions?! Share your thoughts about everything down in the comments (below)…

[Image via WBLS/YouTube]

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