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Wendy Williams Was 'At Death's Door' During 2020 Low Point As Former Manager Allegedly Failed To Take Action?!

Wendy Williams Was 'At Death's Door' During 2020 Low Point As Former Manager Allegedly Failed To Take Action?!

The severity of Wendy Williams‘ most challenging low points over the last several years is only now being fully understood.

This week, a bombshell new report is citing sources with knowledge of the former TV talk show host’s scary and sad decline, and they are clear about one thing: the 58-year-old star was very sick while struggling during the pandemic.

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According to Page Six, Williams was “at death’s door” in 2020 when friends of hers discovered the talk show legend “catatonic” in her NYC apartment. An “eyewitness to the incident,” which went down in May of that year, claimed Williams’ former manager Bernie Young “refused” to call 911 for help in order to avoid the public learning of her health state.

However, friends of the star reportedly quickly understood how severe her health problems were. The eyewitness explained what happened when loved ones entered Wendy’s apartment and found her disheveled and in dangerously poor health:

“I don’t think [Young] understood the extent of what was going on, and I don’t think he wanted it to get out that she was not well, and he definitely didn’t want a 911 call … It was pretty much a mess. It was a mess. She was in her robe, it was soiled, she was catatonic, she was in a very, very bad state. She was looking at the ceiling. She was just not responsive, but her eyes were open, but she was definitely in a catatonic state.”


The source claimed the friends, including DJ Boof, discovered “a case of alcohol, open wine bottles, and Ketel One” vodka in the apartment. So they allegedly started clearing out the liquor while trying to get medical help for Wendy.

The insider continued:

“She was going to die. She literally couldn’t stand up. She was just lying on top of the covers, and she needed 911 help, and [Young’s] like, ‘We’re not getting 911.'”

Boof allegedly “fed the shock jock ice chips” to keep her hydrated and try to get her out of such a horrible state.

Eventually, Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter and their son Kevin Hunter Jr. were able to talk to the former radio DJ on the phone. They both begged her to get help, imploring the star to reach out to her former sober team lead Ron Clinton.

The insider explained:

“Kevin and Kevin Jr. were both saying, ‘Please, come on, mom. Let [Ron and his team] come up. Get some help.'”

Page Six reports Kevin Sr. confirmed that portion of the story this week, too.

The outlet also reports Boof eventually drove Williams to the hospital in his own car. She allegedly received two blood transfusions while there because she was “so low on iron.” Whoa.

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A second insider didn’t mince words about Boof’s actions, saying:

“Boof was the savior of her f**king life.”

The first eyewitness tried to put context over the entire situation:

“She was really, in my opinion, at death’s door. If we were not there that day, she would not be here. She would not have made it. If it weren’t for Kevin and Ron Clinton and his team, she wouldn’t have made it.”


It’s horrible to think about what could have been. Thank goodness she had friends who took such decisive action as is claimed here.

Now Wendy is trying to focus once again on getting better after reportedly re-entering rehab again this week to treat ongoing addiction issues. Her publicist, Shawn Zanotti, released an optimistic statement to the outlet:

“The focus is not on anything from her past. The only focus we have at this time is for Wendy to continue to strive at getting better and moving forward. Right now she is healing and working on the second part to her documentary and her podcast, she has several things that are demanding her attention right now and past gossip is not one of them.”

Sending love and light to Wendy during this challenging time.

[Image via The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube/Derrick Salters/WENN]

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