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Wendy Williams Hasn't Spoken To Her Son In Months Since Leaving Rehab?!

Wendy Williams Has Not Spoken To Her Son Since Leaving Rehab?!

According to brand-new insider indications, Wendy Williams doesn’t currently have a relationship with her once-close 22-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

As we’ve been reporting, the legendary TV talker recently left a rehab center following treatment for addiction. But while we’re hoping this intervention will prove to be good news in her life, it seems there are other familial issues going on behind the scenes, too.

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According to The U.S. Sun, the 58-year-old celeb gossip queen hasn’t spoken to son Kevin Jr. (pictured above, inset, with his mother in 2013) in the time since she left that Malibu treatment facility in late September. The estrangement apparently wasn’t expected by the young man, so said an insider who spoke to the outlet about it.

That source revealed how things took a turn immediately after Wendy first left the center:

“Wendy has not reached out to her son since she left the rehab. While she was in treatment, they were talking but the minute she got out the communication stopped.”

Oh, no…

And it also sounds like Kevin Jr., whose father is Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr., does not want his relationship with his mother to be forlorn like this. The insider added:

“Kevin has been through hell this year with everything going on with his mom. It breaks his heart that things seemed to be going well while she was in rehab, but as soon as she got her freedom, she hasn’t reached out to him since. Kevin has been trying to stay focused and finish up his last year of school, but it’s been challenging having to deal with everything going on with his mother.”


We wish Kevin well with everything going on in his life. Obviously, Wendy has been through the gamut of adversity in recent years, too, and certainly hasn’t had it easy. Reports following her recent rehab stay had been notably optimistic, so perhaps things are starting to come together. We just hope everything gets squared away with her relationship with Kevin Jr., too.

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Of course, a little over a year ago, another source shed light on the difficulties between Wendy and her adult son. Last September, an insider reported to the U.S. Sun that Kevin Jr. had allegedly given his mother an ultimatum about making sure she “fixes” herself and her issues:

“Wendy’s relationship with Kevin Jr. has been strained. He gave her an ultimatum. He told her he won’t be in her life unless she fixes herself.”

That fix seems to have come — or, at least been initiated — with Wendy’s recent rehab stay. It’s sad to hear it apparently hasn’t translated to a closer connection to Kevin Jr., though.

Perezcious readers will recall how very early this year, he was part of what appeared to be a move to get Wendy back on the right track. As we reported at the time, the Wendy Williams Show alum was spending lots of time with family down in Florida at the beginning of 2022. There was even talk then of a serious and imminent TV comeback.

Evidently, something changed between then and now — at least regarding Kevin Jr. and the pair’s apparently formerly-close connection. Sending love and light to all!

[Image via Derrick Salters/Joseph Marzullo/WENN]

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