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'Where Is Kate Middleton??' Internet Ponders If Princess Catherine Is Really OK Since Last Sighting MONTHS Ago!

Where Is Kate Middleton?? Internet Ponders If Princess Catherine Is Really Ok Since Last Sighting

With no signs of life from Princess Catherine since her unexpected abdominal surgery, fans are starting to get seriously worried — and the conspiracy theories are picking up traction!

Royal stans have been especially vocal about their concerns on X (Twitter) this week after surpassing over 60 days since Kate Middleton has been seen or heard from publicly since Christmas and an abdominal surgery — which the palace insisted (after the fact) was planned and not cancer-related. But with the details being so hush-hush, anglophiles are growing more and more convinced that something way more serious might be going on! Of course, it’s all just speculation and theories for now, but let’s get into it.

One user on social media did a full deep dive into all the latest news about the royal family in recent months, suggesting the UK press isn’t telling the full story (or is maybe “forbidden” from revealing it). The sightings or major moments occurred from September to earlier this month.

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First off, there are the initial signs of something allegedly wrong with Kate. Take, for example, her finger injury in September, which she supposedly got while playing with her kids. Normal at the time, but then in October she had two fingers bandaged, suggesting the first injury was worse than expected — or she’d been hurt again.

Debunking claims Kate’s operation and lengthy recovery were always expected, the user pointed out the 42-year-old and her husband Prince William announced a trip to Italy in December — set for early 2024. Obviously, if they knew she’d be out of public duties through Easter, they never would have scheduled this!

So what happened??

While we still don’t know, there was a concerning incident at Sandringham over the holidays that has gone under the radar. On December 28, an ambulance with a police escort was reportedly seen leaving the estate, where the royal family spends Christmas every year. No clue who was inside or what happened, but some folks are now worried it could’ve been Kate.

Just about a week later, reports surfaced from a UK tabloid that the Prince of Wales had a bad temper and would allegedly throw things, suggesting there could be some toxicity in the marriage. Terrible timing, considering the ambulance! But once the surgery was announced, all this talk about William’s alleged icky behavior seemed to vanish from the headlines, with the X user speculating:

“This may have been a hint that the UK press knows exactly what is going on with this couple they are just not allowed to properly break the story. Yet.”


We hope nothing happened between William and Kate. Yeesh! Other concerning details? The fact that William and his kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis NEVER visited Kate in the hospital. Her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, also didn’t visit —  making some wonder if she was ever really there?! Oh and the kids and parents haven’t been seen publicly since the surgery news, either. Certainly odd… but maybe the royals don’t want them accidentally spilling the tea, you know?

Also, there have been rumors Kate is in a coma — and while the palace has already hit back at this, the conspiracy theorist thinks that’s suspicious since they don’t usually comment on “baseless” theories. Hah, the palace really can’t do anything right during this controversy!

Either way, the user suggested The Firm could be “testing the waters if the public would buy” a much longer, potentially 9-month recovery for Kate after they seemed to “plant” a story in a UK outlet. But they also seem to be trying to confuse folks by launching outdated stories as if they were new, like confusing reports about William and Kate looking for new schools for George or about Pippa Middleton‘s latest vacation.

And lastly, when William chose to comment on the conflict in the Middle East last week, he made a point to say the statement was solely from him and used his solo monogram — despite the post going up on the couple’s joint social account. He even skipped his godfather’s memorial service this week for a “personal matter.” Lots of unusual behavior! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. See the full timeline (below)!


It’s a lot, we know! But also, we get it. It is strange AF we haven’t gotten any message from Kate herself since this medical ordeal, and that alone points to this being a super serious issue. Could she really be in a coma – or were there issues with Willy that sent her to the ER?! It’s hard to know. But fans are running WILD with reactions after falling into this rabbit hole. Just take a look (below):


All jokes aside, we sincerely hope Kate is doing okay, no matter what is going on! Now, we wonder if all this chatter will force the royals to make a more detailed statement soon? In the meantime, what do YOU think is happening? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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