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Journalist Claims Princess Catherine Was In Post-Surgery Coma Due To Severe Complications -- But Royal Reps Hit Back HARD!

Journalist Claims Princess Catherine Was In Post-Surgery Coma Due To Severe Complications -- But Royals Hit Back HARD!

A Spanish journalist is claiming Princess Catherine‘s recent “planned abdominal surgery” unexpectedly turned into something far more serious and life-threatening — but Kensington Palace sources are already strongly denying the report.

This started earlier this week, when Spanish journalist Concha Calleja spoke about Kate Middleton‘s alleged post-surgery condition on Spain’s popular news program Fiesta. During her report, according to a translation reported by The Times, Calleja cited a source who said this about Prince William‘s wife:

“The doctors had to take drastic decisions at that moment because of the complications that arose [after the surgery]. The decision was to put her in an induced coma. They had to intubate her. There were serious complications that they didn’t expect because the operation went well, but the postoperative period didn’t go so well.”


Complications?! And a coma?? Calleja added that the Princess of Wales‘ life was supposedly “in great danger” after the surgery, to the point where “practically an entire hospital” was set up on the grounds of Windsor Castle to save her life and accommodate the aftermath. Holy s**t!!!

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Obviously, if it’s true, that is TERRIFYING. But, well, Kensington Palace says it is not true. At all. In a statement to The Times on Friday, a palace source revealed in no uncertain teams that Calleja’s report is incorrect:

“It’s total nonsense. No attempt was made by that journalist to fact-check anything that she said with anyone in the household. It’s fundamentally, totally made-up, and I’ll use polite English here: it’s absolutely not the case.”

Well then!

Controversy bubbles up… controversy is quelled. Still, Kate’s surgery was very serious. Her recovery will last another couple months, with the plan to keep her away from events until at least Easter. But through it all, she’s said to be back working on whatever she can while on bed rest. Reactions, y’all??

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