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WWEDivas: Establish Your Personal Goals!!

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Are you still coming down from the New Years buzz!?
As you approach 2013 with your new attitude, take this time to establish some personal goals. Each year everyone asks me ├óΓé¼┼ôDo you have any new year resolutions?├óΓé¼┬¥ I usually slap on a smile, to cover up the internal dialogue: ├óΓé¼╦£What?! I want what everyone wants├óΓé¼┬ªA BANGIN’ BEACH BODY!! DUH! Please!! Cut me some slack, MAN!├óΓé¼Γäó
However, I humbly answer “No, I├óΓé¼Γäóm still knocking out some goals from last year,├óΓé¼┬¥ followed by ├óΓé¼┼ôand you?├óΓé¼┬¥ Which at this point, I’m sure they’re going to blow my answer away with a perfectly scripted answer├óΓé¼┬ªand they do, listing a million perfected thought-out goals.
But let’s be honest, YES, we will be tempted by holiday treats, social hours, and the days where a cheat day is needed. WE ARE HUMANS not ROBOTS! It’s time to create a bullet proof plan that will turn heads and friends green with envy!
There are a few important contributors in getting your bronzy body. Before we get started, you must be honest with yourself while appreciating your current body and visualize yourself reaching the goal. A few pointers that make you feel good for having that juicy booty, and proud to be a strutin’, sweatin’, and shreddin’ MACHINE !
With our diet playing a large part in this beach booty breakdown, think twice before candy or caffeinated beverages become dinner– STOP!! Think green!!!!
‘Green, greens the magical food; the more you eat the healthier you feel’ Green is a feeling, an inspirational color. What other color has this many avenues of expression? Only in Slang-lish can we make sense of green – green means GO, or green means dough ($). Feeling sluggish or just bent in the gym mood?! KICK OUT of that funk by eating your greens!! Spinach, arugula, kelp├óΓé¼┬ªthe greener the better! This is the super charge your body craves!! Treat your body right and give your body the fuel that it needs to replenish strength and support brain cell growth!
PAUSE: Now check out ‘all that’ with some mirror action…REALLY check yourself out!!! Then congratulate yourself for the work you’ve put in so far….
In the following months, a healthy life style is the GOAL!! And if you thought I was going to recommend stopping after beach season, STOP NOW, because you’re reading the wrong blog.
Some bodies wants to be healthy, but just don├óΓé¼Γäót know how. VISUALIZE and TEACH your body!! LOVE your body!! Listen to what foods and activities your body craves. Take notes so you can reflect where you’ve been, which will help you visualize where you’re going. Find peace and inspiration in your day dreams. Visualize the goal and bring it to reality! This can be done by taking a chance and purchasing that bikini or vacation! Why not?! Dream big and wear SPF!!
Xoxox – WWEDiva, Fox!!

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Jan 28, 2013 14:00pm PDT

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