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Desperate For Attention

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She's at it again!

Seems like someone's been having one too many glasses of wine.

Former sitcom star Roseanne has posted some new crazy bulletins for her MySpace friends!

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

All The Witches Caught In 'WITCH HUNT' Trump Investigation So Far...
Celebs Who Quit Acting For Really Good Reasons!
Celebrities Who've Been Accused Of Homophobia!
Celebrity Couples With Opposing Political Views!
Stars Who've Gotten Breast Reductions!
Roseanne Cast: Then & Now

251 comments to “Desperate For Attention”

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  1. e says – reply to this



  2. kandis says – reply to this



  3. Jt says – reply to this



  4. BobZ says – reply to this


    top 10 !

  5. nausicaa says – reply to this


    insanity. seriously.

  6. jeremy says – reply to this


    i love roseanne!

  7. Dustin says – reply to this


    You should have posted the message she sent me in reply to a simple question I asked her. It was apart of the email I sent you, Perez….


  8. llll says – reply to this


    Like O M F G IM FIRST

  9. kiki says – reply to this


    whatevs, it's pretty fucking sad you even READ her blog, perez.

    also, maybe it was just hacked.

    in any event, whatever. money makes the world go ’round.

  10. heatherrr says – reply to this


    1st. and shes stupid.

  11. Jacqueline says – reply to this



  12. Jacqueline says – reply to this



  13. Df says – reply to this



  14. bob says – reply to this


    since when does someone have to be drunk to be passionate about politics? Her last post seems a bit extreme, but I don't see anything wrong with what she is trying to say. Theres no reason for this to be on your website. Its obvious that you have a grudge against Roseanne, one of the funniest people alive.

  15. nicole says – reply to this


    what a kook

  16. doggie balls says – reply to this


    another stupid fat ugly lesbians like that other fat ugly cunt called rosie.

    can we ship those two smelly dirty twat put of the country?

  17. adam says – reply to this


    roseanne's the one who sounds like the commie to me.

  18. ashley says – reply to this



  19. mmo says – reply to this



  20. Pinche Cagon says – reply to this


    I'm first! First! Lick my ball sweat! Tell your mother that I like my cookies crispy and tell you sister that

  21. Beavis says – reply to this


    What's wrong with this old chick?

  22. Becky Conner says – reply to this


    Wine + really good weed= crazy rosie.

  23. jah says – reply to this



  24. loooooser says – reply to this


    fuckin' first, beeeetches

  25. Becky Conner says – reply to this



  26. jenna says – reply to this



  27. Ms. Kennedy says – reply to this


    seriously. We need to change america! HILARY CLINTON IS ALREADY PART OF THE WHITE HOUSE.
    we need fresh ideas if we are ever going to change!

  28. gg says – reply to this



  29. omg says – reply to this


    what a has been

  30. winner says – reply to this


    always last. why doesn't anyone ever pick me?

  31. Pinche Cagon says – reply to this


    Bummer. Computer spazed out! Anyways, I 'm first! So tell you sister that I like my snapper shaved and clean! I get to do nasty things to her, cause I'm first! First bitches! I"m first!

  32. perez says – reply to this



  33. sleekmonster says – reply to this


    Aside from that first comment which I really question - I think she's right on.

  34. jen says – reply to this


    funny thing is … everything she is saying is basically true. Look up bush's family ties with the Nazi party on google.

  35. Loola says – reply to this


    And? She's right. If you knew anything about the world beyond who wore the best dress you might be smart instead of a fat lazy ugly cow.

  36. pinche cagon's lover says – reply to this


    Re: Pinche Cagon – i'm falling in love with you. but you're probably a gay male. and i'm not. shucks.

  37. tom arnold says – reply to this


    i miss you, rosanne.

  38. lola says – reply to this


    She needs to go to school.

    She is so uneducated and her opinions are just irrelevant.

  39. peggy says – reply to this


    perez, don't hate. what the fuck is wrong with you….? you are making a fool of you. rosanne is a great person. totaly crazy but since when is this a reason to be xed by you??? in a perfect world i see you an rosanne having tea together and laughing your fat arses off. peace!

  40. d says – reply to this


    Don't hate you fatass, just because someone has a strong opinion on real American issues.

    The problem with our country is that people much rather listen to a fat queen debating whether someone has a gayface or other petty over-sensationalized gossip, instead of taking into cosideration the future of this country.

    Wake the fuck up and stop dismissing people with a real voice as crazy!

  41. Blukat says – reply to this


    Perez, Rosie is 1000% CORRECT! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! Start doing research on WHERE THIS COUNTRY IS REALLY GOING and that is DOWNHILL FAST!
    She is EDUCATED and trying to ALERT others as to what is REALLY happening in this country today. RESEARCH THIS FOR YOURSELF. Ask yourself this when you are filling up your car today, do you see the blood of our soldiers mixed in with the oil you are filling up your car with????

  42. sara says – reply to this


    while i do think roseanne is a bit nuts, i totally agree with ALL of her posts
    she's right, the US led to the assasination of Allende, which forced thousands of South American men, women and children into exile and hiding, led to the "disapearance" and torture of thousands more, and helped to instate one of the most evil dictators in history, Pinochet.
    Shame on you Perez for ignoring your South American brothers and sisters whose family's bear deep scars from the disgusting actions of the US

  43. jess says – reply to this


    omg! i was SO just about to email you about this.
    there were like ten fucking bulletins. psycho.

  44. your lover says – reply to this


    Re: Pinche Cagon – quit teasing me. "you're the kind of boy that fits in with my world. i'll give you anything, everything if you want things."

  45. Karen says – reply to this


    Re: loooooser – Wrong!

  46. Gringer07 says – reply to this


    While the first three are kinda bizarre, I do agree with the bottom one. Most especially the part about taxing corporations that are outsourcing jobs, those mofos make me sick. I HATE HATE HATE HATE those job-stealing assholes that are sitting behind their desks in India that don't even speak proper enough english to help you when you call the so-called 'customer service' lines. The companies that outsource our jobs to those bastards SHOULD be taxed to fullest extent, and 90% sounds great!!!

  47. jess says – reply to this


    i agree with you, sara. i do definitely agree with roseanne's points. i just wish she didn't sound so fucking drunk and angry when she posted thirty seven bulletins at once. lol

  48. HELP YOU says – reply to this


    Actually perez if you went to school or had a brain and researched it what she is saying is true, stupid people like you is why the world, particularly the US
    is in the state it is in. GO talk about lindsey and feel important you ridiculous excuse for a man. Who are you to talk about Roseanne, a fucking legend, you're oversized ass will be forgotten in no time. STOP SAYING STUPID SHIT. Just because someone says something you no nothing about doesn't make them CRAZY OR DRUNK, OR A CONSPIRACY THEORIST or anything else it just means your fucking dumb.

  49. Cleo says – reply to this


    Educate yourselves people, Bush's grandfather was indeed caught trading with the enemy during wartime, and it happened to be Hitler. It is a matter of public record, look it up, do some research on your own. It is not a crack pot conspiracy theory. It is the truth. From Wikipedia, but you can find more about it easily on your own. "Roosevelt's Alien Property Custodian, Leo T. Crowley, signed Vesting Order Number 248 seizing Bush's property under the Trading with the Enemy Act."

  50. she's right you moron. says – reply to this


    maybe a bit radical, but so fucking what perez, she is right. the clintons are the same as the bushes. have you not seen all the touring george bush sr. and bill clinton have been doing together for relief organizations?? you think they don't talk serious fucking politics and share insider info? all a part of the ex-president's club dear sir. they are all about $ and big business. that is what is destroying our government. another thing you may want to look into is that your girl hillary AND obama are both members of the north american union, which is about as anti-american as you can get. what will you think when the us, mexico, and canada are merged into one fucking country? and you no longer have "i'm an american, i have rights" to fall back on. you will be under UN control…and if you spend as much time looking into politics as you do on mediocrely talented celebrities, then you would understand the ramifications of being under that control. you retard. an independent is this country's only hope.

  51. Blukat says – reply to this


    WAKE UP AMERICA! Smell the coffee, Rosie is RIGHT!! (and NOT a commie either..more like a PATRIOT! Our country is being sold right out from under us, jobs outsourced, our borders unsafe, we have no control over our money via the ILLEGAL FEDERAL RESERVE! Start looking at alternative news folks, there is a whole world that you are missing out on. Wake up SHEEPLE!!

  52. pinche cagon's #1 fan says – reply to this


    Re: Pinche Cagon – will you be my valentine? "i've got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it's got a basket, a bell, and rings and things to make it look good. i'd give it to you if i could, but i borrowed it."

  53. you're an idiot says – reply to this


    Re: Pinche Cagon

    Ahem, ahem..

    get a life.

  54. looser says – reply to this


    Re: Karen – hence, the name "looser."

  55. wherefore art thou, pinche? says – reply to this


    Re: Pinche Cagon – COME BACK!!! pinche, come back! where did you go? "i know a mouse, and he hasn't got a house, i don't know why, i call him gerald. he's getting rather old, but he's a good mouse."

  56. ANNE-ARCHY says – reply to this



  57. my boyfriend's back says – reply to this


    #53 - you're an idiot says – reply to this
    Please, Please, don't talk to my pretend boyfriend like that. thank you.

  58. Blukat says – reply to this


    At the rate we are going, Perez, America is going to become the CUBA that you hate now. Poverty-stricken, (outsourced "real" jobs, low-wage service industry jobs, p/t at that); no freedom of speech ("Patriot" Act), FEMA Camps, (prisons for dissenters, just like in Cuba!). Gov't handouts because we will be bankrupt soon as a nation.

  59. pinche cagon's #1 fan says – reply to this


    Re: Pinche Cagon – please come back to me? i can sing you a different song, if you'd like….

  60. wtf are you talking about "desperate"? says – reply to this


    WHY do you accuse Roseanne of being desperate? Is it because you are jealous that she is world famous? Or maybe that she had a #1 t.v. show that ran for 9 years (not including syndication)? Or is it that her show that SHE created won over 40 awards, including golden globes, and was nominated for another 60+??? You sound like a jealous queen. Mad that she won't be your friend Perez? I think more people should have the balls to stand up and speak their beliefs. If censorship continues the way it is, freedom of speech will be further stifled, INCLUDING YOU AND THIS SITE. As a gay man, YOU of all people should be a supporter of the underdog's right to an opinion, even if you don't agree with it! Hypocrite!

  61. pinche cagon's #1 fan says – reply to this


    . .

    "Pinche, are you coming back to me?"
    said little bow peep

  62. Jackie says – reply to this


    rosanne for president!

  63. asdf says – reply to this


    Roseanne = political dumbfuck, but whatever, she's old news

  64. Roseanne's cunt muscle says – reply to this


    cunt muscle!

  65. in love with pinche says – reply to this


    i guess pinche had to go night-night.

  66. GRAVEL08 says – reply to this


    You might not agree with her but actually she is right!

  67. Laura says – reply to this


    Wake up. Corporations do NOT pay taxes. WE pay their taxes. Tax them @ 50%, see your prices go up 50%, is that too difficult for her to understand??! Another idiot Hollywood know NOTHING at it again.

  68. neona503 says – reply to this


    good for you, rosanne. atleast you have the balls to say something thought provoking and intelligent. i always knew i liked you. xoxoxo

  69. guesst says – reply to this


    Just for fun, let's copy a little of what Roseanne has written on her blog, about God:

    if you're going to ask us for money to help poor God spread his spooky little message around…

    Religious nuts and politicians love to blab on and on about how babies are wonderful, precious, unique beings, but what are they going to tell them when they grow up enough to look around and say, "Hey, what was the idea of signing us up to take a long walk off a short pier, Asshole?"

    Out of respect for the millions of hungry kids in the world who don't know what it's like to ever be held and comforted, would you mind, terribly, spaying and neutering yourselves and your kids?


    She is OBVIOUSLY on the wrong kinds of drugs.

  70. elle says – reply to this


    Her last post is extreme, but she's definitely on to something. the 90% tax bracket is key

  71. senioritateee says – reply to this


    i totally agree with her!

    Amen Roseanne! atleast someone has the balls to come and say it…

  72. hsp says – reply to this


    She spelled "Hillary" wrong. I hate it when people do that… It's Hillary Clinton, not Hilary Clinton.

  73. Guesst says – reply to this


    More Roseanne, from January 07:

    Jury Duty
    For the first time in fifteen years, my shrink would not sign the excuse me out of jury duty papers, for mental illness. He had the audacity to suggest to me that as I was now cured of did. I, me we would have to step up to our civics duty and serve their country. I did it, I served my country. That was a huge lesson in humility to my fat stupid deluded bought off sexygirlself. I was scared to see any violent crime, as I fear it would trigger my mind to fall apart again.

    She's not crazy. Much.

  74. Anya says – reply to this


    To Gringer07,

    I'm Indian, and I don't appreciate you referring to us as 'bastards'/'job-stealing assholes'. You may not like the fact that we're more talented than you are, and at pays that are less than yours, but why should you blame us for the demand that your companies seek? I can understand you being mad at American organisations for outsourcing jobs, but don't hate on people who're getting them, we're not out to get you, just supplying what there's a demand for anyway. You'd do the same, and you know it.

  75. Brittany says – reply to this


    She's one crazy bitch.

  76. aneurysm says – reply to this


    ideally, she's actually right.

  77. madmax says – reply to this


    Like it or not, greed drives our economy. So, Roseann's methods would simply cause a massive depression. Fair tax is the way to go. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for common sense.

  78. Roseanne is a badass bitch says – reply to this


    Shut it!! I love Roseanne, and she is on my friends list. Her blog's are nothing new…..I appreciate what she has to say. And as for the "too much wine" comment….. shut up!! I drink too much wine all the time…. has nothing to do with it.

  79. pooltop says – reply to this


    Wow. You think this is crazy?
    This is pretty much the truth. Sorry to break it to people who worship celebrities…their heads are generally up hollywood's ass so far that they have no concept of reality. THIS is real. Hollywood is fake and insane. You think lives like Paris, Britney and Lindsay are REAL?
    You guys are the crazy ones for incessant feeding of the hollywood fantasy and media machines.
    Open your eyes, sheep. Our country is and has been sinking for a long, long time. It's time to change direction…snap out of your hollywood diversions long enough to look around and see the truth.
    Yes, rosanne may be extreme, but sanity has a true definition: it is the people who follow hollywood around by the tail and worship people who can barely read and barely speak. It's time to look up to people with REAL jobs and real responsibilities for a change.

  80. pinche cagon says – reply to this


    Re: in love with pinche – wha? seriously? thank you for the song. I'm totally flattered. Are you sure your not just saying that because I'm always first? …You mean, you mean, you mean you really like me? Oh and first! Well, now I'm inspired to write more and more offensive postings! You are my muse! Oh and also: I'm first! First!

  81. Babylon in DC says – reply to this


    Ron Paul2008, PeakOil.com, Rense.com, there are a lot of places you should be looking at, and spend some time educating yourself.
    Read alternative news sources, you need to see that she is correct on many of the things she has strong opinions about. As I see here, Perez, many of the comments you "thought" you were going to have backfired in your face.
    In fact, you are probably just a tool yourself. Keep the sheeple drugged up with the latest buzz from Hollywood while Global Corporatocracy steals our resources and our freedoms.
    Don't say you haven't been told, it seems most of the people here agree with these sentiments.

  82. Guesst says – reply to this


    Roseanne explains God:

    I do think that god is against gay marriage and any other kind of marriage too. God wants women to have sex with many many partners, but to have no children). God is a woman right now, and will be coming into herself for about another one thousand years). After that she will rule and there will be one thousand years of peace.
    This explains Rosie and Roseanne's friendship.

  83. it's all so true! says – reply to this


    Everything she says is so fucking true!!!!!!!!
    Roseanne will save us from dooom!!!!
    Listen to her, or die!!!!

  84. Guesst says – reply to this


    Vintage Roseanne Barr:

    It was in Safed that I was cured of my multiple personality disorder, also called Dissociative Identity Disorder. The part of me that would never stop believing that it spoke directly to god, was finally able to take total control of the body. It was not as the psychiatrists wanted, because it was that part that they called "crazy".

    My doctor, Colin Ross, healed me by telling me that I did not have to let go of god, and that I should immediately begin to tell people not only that I spoke to her [God], but to tell them what exactly god was telling me. At that point in my life, there was no more division and there was no more obsession and there was no more compulsion, or fear of being found out and locked away any more.

    For many people like myself, a profound connection to god is what kept us crazy and divided.

    Crazy is truly what draws Roseanne and Rosie together, but they also share a dislike of Hollywood and Perez Hilton types, suffer from filthy-rich derangement syndrome, an inability to accept their B-list status, or that they are women. Rosie has become roseanne, they are one, it was ever thus.

  85. Chris says – reply to this


    Roseanne might speak in extremes but she DOES HAVE SOME VALID POINTS!!! What is wrong with America is that its politicians and leaders are letting corporate giants dictate the direction that our economy is going. Rich people are getting richer. Yes, hard work must be valued. Absolutely! But let us not forget the less fortunate and help them get on their feet: by giving them the means to get an education or the means to qualify for a job so that they can provide for themselves. EDUCATION EDUCATIUON EDUCATION. This can never be emphasized enough. So many of our children are in desperate need of education. Unfortunately, funds are thin from our government to start initiatives to help nurture the young, as well as their parents.

  86. KB says – reply to this


    I knew you would post this soon enough. you are so fucking retarded. These are all very good points roseanne has made. maybe she should focus on the real important stuff you care about for instance madonnas eyebrows in high school.

  87. Paige says – reply to this


    She is not crazy, she is absolutely right - I'm impressed that she is so informed. She's one of the few people that has educated herself as to what is really going on. It's a very good thing you posted this, since this enlightening info will reach a larger audience and may lead to a few more people waking up. She's absolutely right about the Bushes and the Clintons - they are just hybrids of each other. It's a big facade that they are enemies. She's absolutely right about South America as well - look at what the US did with Venezuela (since that country is a BIG source of oil) - they supported illegally taking Chavez out of office all in the name of big business' oil profits. Chavez is for the people - the poor people - and he rescued and made life better for SO many of them. Those poor people are the ones who were outraged and came out by the tens of thousands and they got Chavez put back as their rightful President. I'll venture to guess that just about all of you on this website know nothing about any of this. All you care about is what's the latest whorish thing Parisite did. Well, keep it up, because the US gov't likes you that way - sedated on superficial, vapid celebrity antics.

  88. Here's an STD for Christmas... says – reply to this


    So you get smarter with glasses of wine..is that what you mean Perez? I agree with everything. That part about anyone who earns more than 100million having to surrender the rest is spot on.

  89. jm says – reply to this


    Ok…to me it looks like SHE'S a "commie"…

  90. Miles says – reply to this


    As usual Ro is right and you are too stupid to understand.

  91. ML says – reply to this


    She is right about the Bush/Clinton thing. Why do you think Bill & George Sr. are so BFF now - because they always were friends. They are no different, just puppets for the Skull & Bones & whatever other secret organizations they are part of. They are both for that one world crap which is going to ruin this great nation. Roseanne is on to something. It is sad that middle class folks are not going to be able to better themselves as the years progess because of the heavy tax burden so we can support other nations & all the foreigners on our soil that just want a hand out. We should have a flat tax but the rich people like the Bush's & Clinton's don't want the middle class to succeed.

  92. Erin says – reply to this


    …and which part is it that is crazy? um, the only part i don't know about is hillary. the stuff about the bush family~true. i do my homework.

  93. Heather says – reply to this


    You ever thought maybe she was hacked?

  94. Judi says – reply to this


    It's scary that, as a Jew, she's backing Ron Paul.

    His supporters are made up of 911 "truthers," Neo-Nazis and white supremecists.

    Roseanne should be ashamed of herself. Clearly she's gone off the deep end.

  95. Hyde says – reply to this


    Rosie needs to take econ 101. Good grief.

  96. nonimous says – reply to this



    For all of you who think Roseanne is so "on point" and "completely correct."

    Search "Ron Paul."

    I'm ashamed that Roseanne is Jewish.

    Obama is an idiot, proof positive in the article entitled "Obama misses slam dunk."

  97. INES says – reply to this


    qué sabrá esta payasa de Allende!!!!

  98. papa bear says – reply to this


    Re: bob – her last post only seems 'a bit extreme'?!?! Are you kidding me? That is worse than the shit the Chinese impose on their people. If anyone ever tried to impose some bullshit like that you would have a full on civil war.

  99. yikes says – reply to this


    Anyone worth more then $100,000,000 must surrender it all to the state? Sounds like Mao Zedong. We all know now who's not worth over $100,000,000.

  100. Babylon in DC says – reply to this


    Re: Judi
    Sad to think that one has to be labelled anything to support someone like Dr. Paul. If we are handing out labels, why not look at the Neocons in the Gov't who hold dual citizenship w/Israel, and who USE honest anti-zionist Jews. Anyone who isn't for them, is labelled "anti-semite". It's a shame, because Israel is harming their "brother Semites" the Palestinians, in their APARTHEID attitudes.

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