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Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides A Toy Horse! See The Video HERE!!

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Omg omg omg!!!

This is quite literally the best thing ever.

We cannot begin to explain how absolutely incredible this is…

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Vegas, watching a big Rodeo competition, and while there, he spotted a woman's booth with a large, rideable toy horse.

So, of course, he hopped on and said:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pooch Is Flat Out POOPED!

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Awwww…someone just let this cutie sleep!

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a pic of his exhausted dog, Gustav, after a hard day's work.

The Governator tweeted the following with his photo:

Gustav is a little worn out from this morning's workout.

Sweet dreams, Gustav!!!

Hopefully he wasn't lifting weights like Arnie back in the day!


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[Image via Instagram.]

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Freak Lobster Is Too Big To Boil

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giant lobster

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger have an affair with a lobster too? LOL!

This monster of a lobster was found by New England Lobster Co. in San Francisco. who decided it was too big and shocking to be someone's dinner.

This dude weighed in at 18 pounds and is estimated to be 75 years old!! Firm's bookkeeper, Jennifer Vargas decided eating the king of the lobsters wasn't right.

"This seemed like a [lousy] way to go. A lot of the customers were interested in him - the problem was they didn't have a pot big enough,"

explained Vargas.

Luckily her boss agreed. Now this old beast and his massive claws live in the New York Aquarium, run by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

[image via Photo via Julie Larsen Maher, WCS]

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Kitten Mittens Are Back!

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Kitten Mittens Are Back!


This recently released promotional photo for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's 7th season as one of your favorite thingz: Kitten Mittens!

The woolly product was invented by Charlie Day's character Charlie Kelly a couple seasons back. But if this pic is any hint to what's to come in season 7 — the mittens are making a comeback!!

If you can manage to tare you eyes away from the obnoxious pet product, you might also notice Rob McElhenney (aka Mac) has gained 50 lbs!!

Rob says he gained the weight for the show (WFT?). According to Charlie it's actually helped! He says: "it has definitely made Mac a lot funnier." Srsly?

We can't wait to see for ourselves!

It's Always Sunny Returns September 15 on FX!

[image via FX]

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