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Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Wear Matching Red Swimsuits! This Just Can't Get More Precious!

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching red swimsuits

It's magic anytime this little girl appears on her mommy's website!

Beyoncé shared yet ANOTHER delightful picture of her baby girl Blue Ivy, and this time her little girl was taking a page from Queen Bey's own playbook!

The two were spotted on a beach paradise in Jamaica where they both rocked red swimming suits! Although the actual suits themselves had different styles. While Blue wore a sweet tankini, Beyoncé strutted her stuff in a low back one piece.

Definitely from what we can tell one of the best parts about growing with a mom like Beyoncé is to inherit her amazing fashion wind, and that is exactly what's happening right now!

We'd love to see more pictures of Blue and Bey together from the trip, but we don't want to ask for too much…

…Especially since these particular photos are so wonderful!

Sometimes you just gotta be happy with what you get which is NOT hard in this case! Since what we got was a large dose of amazingness from these two!

Check out more photos of Bey's beautiful swimsuit shots (below)!

[Image via Beyoncé.]

Beyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching red swimsuitsBeyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching red swimsuitsBeyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching red swimsuitsBeyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching red swimsuitsBeyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching red swimsuitsBeyonce and Blue Ivy wearing matching red swimsuits

Beyoncé’s Dad Mathew Knowles Hasn’t Paid ANY Child Support! Baby Momma Forced On Food Stamps!

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mathew knowles drama

What gives man?!

Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles has NOT paid any of child support dues, and now his baby momma has to go to the government for help!

Blue Ivy’s uncle and Queen Bey’s half brother Nixon's momma Alexsandra Wright has not seen one cent from her baby daddy, which has forced her to go on public assistance!

She’s receiving

Beyoncé Lounges Luxuriously In White Lingerie While Blue Ivy Snaps Pictures With An iPhone!

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beyonce lounges luxuriously in white lingerie while blue ivy snaps pictures with a iphone

All we can say is…


Beyoncé has shared yet another photograph of her beautiful daughter Blue Ivy, and this latest one is a doozy!

It features Queen Bey sitting in a glamorous chair while wearing a white robe in her bra and underwear! And it is amazing.

Down to the beautiful lady's right is her adorable daughter Blue Ivy who seems about ready to start snapping away pictures of her hawt momma!

Would we sell our soul to the devil to switch places with Blue at that very moment?

Come on — who wouldn't???

But since that doesn't seem to be possible — we'll settle for a lovelier than thou picture!!!

Check out ANOTHER fabulous photo of these two down (below) !!!

[Image via Beyoncé.]

Beyonc & Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Could Be Kelly Rowland’s Flower Girl?! Get The Blossoming Details HERE!

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Blue Ivy could be Kelly Rowland's flower girl!

This would just be the cutest thing!

Kelly Rowland is busy planning her nuptials with Tim Witherspoon, and she has several deets that need some attention, like who will be the flower girl!

There are probs a bajillion options to choose from, but the obvious one is Blue Ivy, right?! When asked about BIC, Kelly said:

Beyoncé Posts AMAZING Throwback Pic Of Her As A Baby! She's Almost An Exact Replica Of Blue Ivy!

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beyonce throwbackk

Oh, wow!

She looks SO much like her baby daughter Blue Ivy!!!

Beyoncé got in on the Throwback Thursday action this past very Thursday when she posted an adorable photograph of herself from WAY back in the day!

Look at that!

She must not be much older than Blue here! And she's SO adorable!!!

Along with the pic, Queen Bey wrote a simple "#tbt" in its caption. So simple yet says so much.

Wow! We wish it was Thursday everyday! Then maybe we'd get more adorable pictures such as these!

Even though we don't get to see Blue Ivy's face a lot - a throwback like this can help us picture how the sure-to-be cutie must look like!

So sweet!!!

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[Image via Instagram.]

Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Say HELLO Brooklyn! Check Out Amazing New Pics!

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beyonce blue ivy brooklyn

Where Brooklyn at?! Where Brooklyn at?! Where…

…Oh, it's right there!

Beyoncé has released a cute B/W picture of her and Blue Ivy!!!

In it Beyoncé is sitting on the Brooklyn Nets logo while Blue Ivy runs around like the adorable sweetheart she is!

But that wasn't only the picture that she released! And like all of the portraits she snaps - they were amazing!!!

Jay Z and Blue were featured in another kodak moment where the dashing daddy is kneeling before his daughter as they admire a beautiful island in the window!

He's got the right idea. All hail Blue Ivy!

Check out this picture and MORE awesome snapshots, including Blue and Beyoncé playing dress up, down (below) !!!

[Image via Beyoncé.]

Amazing Blue Ivy Pics!Amazing Blue Ivy Pics!Amazing Blue Ivy Pics!Amazing Blue Ivy Pics!Amazing Blue Ivy Pics!