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Jodie Foster Comes Out At The Golden Globes! Watch Her Inspiring Speech HERE!

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OMG!! Jodie Foster has finally come out of the closet!

The Golden Globes gave the highly accomplished star the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her amazing body of work. But her most amazing performance of all time was her acceptance speech!

And we ain't talking about her SNL quote!!!

She finally confirmed her relationship with longtime partner Cydney Bernard, gave a beautifully poignant — and rather odd — speech about having privacy… and gave her mother permission to die?!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the most CRAY CRAY coming out speech we've ever seen!

Jodie out-crazied buddies Robert Downey, Jr. and Mel Gibson and managed to come out on top, winning over the audience and the world!

Literally, everyone!

Mel Gibson Resolves To Do Diddly Squat In 2013!

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mel-gibson-new-years-resolution-2013-nada mucho

As far as we know, Mel Gibson doesn't plan on making any anti-semetic or sexist remarks next year! He has no intention of drunk driving, either!

As far as we know, the Lethal Weapon star aspires to do absolutely NOTHING in 2013!

Paparazzi caught up with him last night outside of El Lay's Terroni restaurant and asked about his resolutions for the New Year!

It turns out… he doesn't have any!

Mel says he already

Spy Kid Alexa Vega's Lady Parts Have Matured In Machete Kills

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alexa-vega-machete-kills-sequel still-sexxxy-spy-kids-danny-trejo

Whoa! They grow up so fast, don't they?

Alexa Vega, the lil' cutie from 2001's Spy Kids, looks daaaaayum adult-like in this still from Machete Kills!

She isn't the only hottie poking her head out for the sequel Danny Trejo's 2010 cult classic — Amber Heard is finer than panda fur too!

Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez will reprise their roles from the first flick, but we're most excited to see what newcomers Vanessa Hudgens and Mel Gibson bring to the cast!

Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills open July 31, 2013!

In the meanwhile, ch-ch-check out more hot pics of Alexa (below)!

[Image via Twitter.]

Amber Heard Straddles The Machete Edge — FIRST LOOK In Machete Kills!

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Machete don't pageant walk!


We're not even sure if you guys are reading this, or if you're looking at the fantastic bombshell that is Amber Heard in the first official promotional still from the sequel to Machete, aptly called Machete Kills!

If you've seen the first installment, you know that the ladies can't resist Danny Trejo's character — and in this one we assume he'll have to survive the likes of Sofia Vergara, Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba, and Alexa Vega. You know, if he's going to properly face off against Mel Gibson as a crazy billionaire who wants to start a global war!

It's too bad

Did Jason Trawick Make The First Move On Britney Spears? And How Does Mel Gibson Factor Into Their Romance?!

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Well then!

We assumed there was more to this story than they were telling, but we still didn't expect for Mel Gibson to be thrown into the mix with it all!

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick recently opened up in an interview about how their romance began, and despite claims that the pop star made the first move, sources close to the pair have revealed that it was actually her fiance that got the love wheels turning…and all while they vacationed at the sometimes-volatile actor's house in Costa Rica!

Insiders explain:

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Mel Gibson Doesn't Know WHAT Hollywood Should Forgive Him For

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Oh, Mel Gibson!

The actor and director who has become better known for his bad temper than he has his professional body of work is wondering what he did to fall from grace.

During a recent interview about his short list of upcoming projects, the tabloid favorite was asked about Hollywood's forgiveness and said this in response:

Tom Cruise Wants To Buy Mel Gibson's Old Connecticut Mansion To Be Closer To Suri

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Mel Gibson's former mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut has only been on sale for a few weeks, but the current owners may have already found another rich Hollywood star to buy it for $33 million!

Tom Cruise is reportedly innerested in the 15,862 sq ft estate which includes 75.7 acres of gorgeous green scenery that surrounds the massive building!

Thanks to his recent divorce from Katie Holmes, Jack Reacher wants to find a suitable an extravagant home on or near New York City so he can be closer to Suri.

If it's just the two of them, we can't imagine how close they'll be in this GIANT house, but at least they can play some challenging games of hide-and-seek. With 15 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, the 6-year-old will have LOTS of hiding places to choose from.

Feast your eyes on the perfect pad (below) and prepare to be jealous!

[Image via WENN & Realtor.]