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Michael Lohan Fires Back At Dwight Gooden! Says He's Upset Because He "Fell Off The Wagon!"

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michael lohan fires back at dwight gooden

We knew it wouldn't take long for Michael Lohan to speak out!

Earlier today, we reported that Dwight Gooden had spoken out about his former Celebrity Rehab costar, referring to him as a "head case!" Well apparently Lindsay Lohan's pops heard it through the grape vine as well and was NOT happy about it!

Michael shot back at the former New York Yankee, saying:

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Lindsay Lohan's Dad To Blame For Her Problems? Former MLB Pitcher Dwight Gooden Says Yes!

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dwight gooden says michael lohan is to blame for lindsays problems

Like father, like daughter!

To say Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of issues over the last few years would be a bit of an understatement, and after spending a good amount of time with her father Michael Lohan on Celebrity Rehab, Dwight Gooden say he think he knows where she gets her problems!

The former MLB pitcher sat down with sports personality Jim Rome, and when he was asked which of his cast mates was the craziest, he didn't hesitate to point to LiLo's dad:

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Dina Lohan Doesn't Care About Underprivileged Youth!? Stiffs Charity Thousands Of Dollars!

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dina lohan stiffs promised charity donation

The classiest of moves, of course!

Lindsay Lohan's mama, Dina Lohan, just scored a $50,000 paycheck for fighting with Michael Lohan on TV and appears like she wants to hold on to that hard-earned money VERY TIGHT.

So tight, in fact, that Dina ducked out of a $4,000 donation expected at the Ferrari charity at Andrra Waterside Restaurant in East Hampton event last year.

According to restaurant lawyer Edmond Chakmakian, Dina drank up $2,500 and pledged $1,500 to the Clamshell Foundation funding local charities for underprivileged kids only to skip out on the bill!

But Edmond isn't going to take Dina's bullshiz lying down!

Since Dina won't respond to Edmond's emails regarding the dine-pledge-and-dash, he filed a lawsuit Mondsay against the mama of four on behalf of the restaurant.

The lawyer explained:

Lindsay Lohan Left High & Dry As Family Counseling Gets Canceled?!

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lindsay lohan family counseling weekend canceled

Well, this might be good news?

We mean, considering her dramz-filled family, it could be good for Lindsay Lohan to just not include them in - well - anything.

We told you all about Michael and Dina Lohan getting into yet another fight while trying to resolve some serious issue on the show The Test.

And go figure, it caused more damage!

It seems the ongoing battle between the parents of the year not exactly perfect parents got so bad that LiLo's family counseling weekend with them at Betty Ford has been canceled.

Michael admitted he's not looking to make matters worse (for once!) as he said:

Lindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's Mommy And Daddy Blow Up In Brutal Battle Of Words!

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michael lohan dina lohan the test fight

So much for mending fences!!!

Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan were just spotted being friendly over dinner last night, but the short-lived truce has already come to an abrupt end.

It all went down on Thursday when Lindsay Lohan's dramatically divorced parents were appropriately taping a segment for conflict resolution talk show, The Test, when the bloody battle began!

Things were fine and dandy until the equally opinionated parentals started

Michael & Dina Lohan Mend Fences Over Hamburgers For Lindsay's Sake!

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dina lohan michael lohan w hotel

Things really are looking up for Lindsay Lohan!

While we reported earlier that LiLo has been sending out peace offerings in the form of anchor chains to all members of her family, it seems she’s not the only one extending an olive branch.

Michael and Dina Lohan reportedly put aside their differences and grabbed some dinner at the W Hotel last night.

Sources revealed that they spotted the two in good spirits, laughing with one another and sharing mutual concern over their daughter.

It sounds to us like this is could be a very positive installment in the Lohan saga. What’s more, it could potentially lead to that family therapy session the Betty Ford Center has been begging for.

Fingers crossed!

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Lindsay Lohan Fixing Family Ties With Jewelry From Rehab?!

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lindsay lohan fixing family ties

It really sounds like Lindsay Lohan is getting her shizz together!

You'll forgive us, though, if we don't get our hopes up too high.

While it’s been reported that the troubled actress is well on her way to being troubled no more, it seems LiLo is also making a clever attempt at mending her family, too!

Apparently, the Betty Ford Center’s counselors have been advising her that familial troubles can stand in the way of a full recovery. That said, Linds has provided each of her family members with symbolic anchor chain jewelry. She, along with her mother Dina and brother Cody already have the chain, but the star has also reached out the same piece of jewelry as an olive branch to her father Michael. Her sister Ali and other brother Cody Jr. have received one as well.

What's more, Linds didn't do this all on her own! She allegedly shared