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Working Your Entire Body And Burning Tons Of Calories!

| Filed under: FitnessAdviceMike Donavanik

Mike Donavanik is just one big, limitless, source of workout tips. This is why we're so happy to have him on our side!

In his latest tip video, Mike brings us a way to work out every muscle in your body while burning tons of calories!

Just what we need after Thanksgiving!

Thanks, Mike!

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The Perfect Cardio Move For Your Entire Lower Body

| Filed under: Exclusives!FitnessCardioMike Donavanik

Want more results in less time? Perform exercises that simultaneously work out a variety of muscles!

Mike Donovanik, a FitPerez contributor and celebrity personal trainer, recommends Dynamo Lunges!

The simple exercise will not only boost your heart rate for effective cardio training, but works out every muscle in your entire lower body!

Check out the video above to learn how to do them, then click here to get the rest of the fat blasting routine from Mike D's Extreme Burn: Total Body Interval Training.

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Here's The Move That Will Work You All Over!

| Filed under: FitnessGym TimeMike Donavanik

Mike Donavanik is all about giving. He gives us tips, tricks, AND workout moves!

This here is a work out technique — be sure to try it out!

He says it'll work out your butt and biceps and everything in between! Perfect!

Happy sweating, guys!

Oh! And he also answers questions: If U have a question you'd like answered, write Tips@FitPerez.com or tweet @MikeDonavanik! We'd love to hear from you!

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How Accurate Are Those Calorie Loss Counters On Fitness Machines?

| Filed under: FitnessGym TimeMike Donavanik

Mike D extreme burn

Every time we wonder this question we immediately forget to ask someone about it as soon as we get off the machine!

We're glad someone thought to ask it, though, and to our Mike Donavanik no less!

The question:

I was wondering when using cardio machines in the gym how close is my actual calorie loss compared to how many calories the machines show I'm burning? Thank you!

Mike's answer:

Unfortunately, the number of calories a cardio machine shows you burning is usually off by 10-15%! It can be off by even more if you don’t input your age and weight. For a more accurate calorie burn reading, I highly recommend using a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Garmin Heart Rate Monitor or dotFIT’s Exerspy. If those are not available to you, when you do cardio make sure you enter your details (age and weight) into the machine and take 10% off the final number of calories the machine says you’ve burned.

Thanks Mike! We were actually guessing that it'd be a little worse off than that, so that's good news!

And if U have a question you'd like answered, write Tips@FitPerez.com or tweet @MikeDonavanik! We'd love to hear from you!

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

| Filed under: Exclusives!FoodMike DonavanikQuickFit Tip of the Day

white blue 1

Be wary of foods that are advertised as “low fat” or “low sugar”. It’s almost always an advertising gimmick. If it’s low fat, it’s typically high in sugar. If it’s low in sugar, it’s probably high in fat. Just because it’s advertised as being healthy, doesn’t make it healthy. Always read nutrition labels carefully.

- Personal Trainer Mike Donavanik, CSCS, CPT

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