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Ask A Vet With Dr. Jennifer Lu On Cats And Excessive Licking

| Filed under: Q&AHealthPetsCat


Cats are divas and divas need to look GORGEOUS at all times.

But what if your cat goes a little cuckoo and keeps licking itself?

A cat owner has that predicament:

My cat has licked all the hair off the places she can reach - tail, back legs, belly, etc. Over the months that it escalated we moved, she started getting to go outside, we got a second cat who tortures her, and she was put on a strict diet.

So is it allergies, anxiety, or something else? Why is she going crazy with the licking?

Thankfully, ASPCA's Dr. Jennifer Lu is on the case!

Here's what she has to say on a kitty's loco licking:

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Q&A: My Dog Is A Rebel

| Filed under: Q&ATrainingDogDr. Patrick Mahaney


Many of us have some problem areas when it comes to our dogs' training — but this woman has got it bad.

TeddyHilton.com reader, Petra, wrote to Dr. Patrick Mahaney and said:

My dog is probably the worst ever!!!!!!! She never goes on any walks. If she HAS to come I have to pull her out the front door. When my son forgets to clean the table she pushes the chair out and eats every last bit of food. She also bites my hand off if i have treats in it by jumping up and grabbing my hand. The last problem is she barks at everything! The worst part is 85 precent of the time she barks at NOTHING!! Please tell me what to do with my dog, Leila.

P.S. Help soon she is influencing my dog Loki who is beginning to pick up her bad habits.

Best Wishes,

Good thing we have Dr. Patrick to respond:

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Q&A: How To Get My Anxious Dog To The Vet

| Filed under: Q&APetsDogDr. Patrick Mahaney


Looks like a case of SEVERE white coat syndrome!

The veterinarian can be a dog's friend or a dog's enemy in their mind.

And this Teddyhilton.com reader's pooch DOES NOT LIKE THE VET!

She writes:

I am a huge fan of yours! and I love your tips!

I had a question regarding my dog, she is 12, turning 13 this year. And I am constantly worried about her health and I try giving her as much exercise as I can but it is time for her vet check up and ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE HER.

My dog has extreme anxiety ever since she was a puppy and she even gets seizures when she gets so anxious. We got her tested to see if she had epilepsy or a tumor and everything came up clear. So when it comes to take her to the vet she goes insane and even bit the vet, and the vet hates us because he cant cut her nails and do the proper procedures needed.

How can I take her to the vet without having to medicate her and her anxiety levels to go up and cause a seizure?

As always, Dr. Patrick is here to save the day for this pups anxiety!

He writes:

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Ask A Vet With Dr. Jennifer Lu On Renting With A Pet

| Filed under: Q&APetsDogCat


Many of us face this fear….renting an apartment with a pet!

Luckily, ASPCA's Dr. Jennifer Lu has the PURRfect advice for renters in a squeeze!

She writes:

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Q&A: How To Make My Dog Poop In Public

| Filed under: Q&APetsDogLabrador RetrieverDr. Patrick Mahaney


This is a VERY good and unique question!

Most dogs go to the bathroom wherever they please…sometimes where you DON'T want them to.

But dogs like a Teddyhilton.com reader's labs can be a little gun shy.

She writes:

I have labrador retrievers. I kept the only litter my lab had, meaning, I have 5 brothers and sisters who are turning 3 in a few weeks. Two girls, three boys, and none of them will ever do anything outside their backyard. It is kind of a pain since every day I take one for a 4-miles-walk, and they need so bad to go to the bathroom, but they will wait until they go home.

What can I do? My daughter is soon going to move out with the two girls, and I have no clue how to teach anyone to urinate for instance outside their comfort zone. I can say the magic word "pee" a thousand times, they won't do it. They will do it if I say it at home in their yard.

I raised my other labs the same way, and it was never an issue. Just with my 5 labs litter!

Luckily, Dr. Patrick has the solution! He responds:

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Ask A Vet With Dr. Jeannine Berger On Keeping Your Dog Occupied When You're Away

| Filed under: Q&ADog


Sometimes, even though it hurts, we have to leave our puppy or dog alone while tend to life outside the home.

For one Teddyhilton.com reader, keeping a dog busy can be tough.

The reader writes:

What's the best way to keep my pooch occupied calm when I go to work?

Luckily, we've got the answer!

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Q&A: How Can I Get My Dog To Like Strangers?

| Filed under: Q&ADogDr. Patrick Mahaneypoodle


Dogs can very apprehensive to new faces and they can always be on their guard.

A Teddyhilton.com reader wants her boyfriend and her mini poodle to get along.

She writes to Dr. Patrick Mahaney:

I have a 2 year old mini poodle. She is very sweet and lovable toward the family, but is terrified when friends come to visit.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and she still won't go near him.

Is there any way to help her become more comfortable around strangers? Help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!

Dr. Patrick responds:

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