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Bachelor Alum Dylan Barbour Tells ALL About The Show & Producers In A Fiery Twitter Thread

Bachelor Alum Dylan Barbour Tells ALL About The Show & Producers In A Fiery Twitter Thread

Dylan Barbour spilled some major tea about the Bachelor franchise — and trust us when we say it is piping hot!

On Saturday, the 26-year-old former contestant decided to answer some burning questions from fans about the reality TV dating series in a lengthy Q&A on Twitter, initially tweeting out:

“Cancel ABC and The Bachelor Kinda wanna air out their dirty laundry mom got me riled up Ask away.”

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Holy crap! Did he just say cancel the show?! We don’t think Chris Harrison would approve!

Afterward, he proceeded to voice his extreme dislike for the show’s producers, claiming in multiple messages that they constantly manipulated contestants and didn’t care about what happened to anyone in the end. (You can read the entire thread HERE.)

Okay, go OFF!

When asked about producers attempts to push certain conversations on camera, he wrote back, saying:

“You gotta understand the game. They get paid off you doing s**t that warrants screen time.”

He later added that:

“It’s easy to make a bad person look worse, it’s hard to make a good person look bad.”

Furthermore, the TV personality then claimed that producers have “nearly all control” over which contestants get to remain on the show, but he also said that the cast could refuse to follow the producer’s requests. In addition, he also mentioned they don’t allow the cast members to “sleep normal hours,” which, honestly, explains a lot of their wild actions if you think about it.

In some later tweets, the reality star accused the series of being a big hypocrite about bullying on the series.

“They had that whole spiel on hating bullying, then purposely edit things to warrant bullying. S**t is wild.”

Doesn’t shock us much since they’ve literally allowed bullying to run amuck (cough cough Victoria Larson cough cough) on Matt James‘ season.

While some were skeptical about his controversial thoughts since he had a positive outcome on the show, he did take some time to acknowledge his engagement to Hannah Godwin, explaining:

“My experience is the .1% of everyone else’s. A majority of my treatment was pretty fantastic, but again I negotiated a lot of it”

He also noted that he decided to share his opinion because “this public figure world is fake, and sometimes it needs to be called out.”

But, probably the juiciest piece of all this was his thoughts on Hannah Brown’s brief engagement to Jed Wyatt. In case you didn’t know, they ended their relationship because he was accused of having a girlfriend when he came on season 15 of The Bachelorette. Soon after, the Bach alum quickly received a ton of backlash for the accusation and was pretty much canceled by fans of the franchise.

When one follower inquired who he thought from his season got the most “screwed over” by producers: the entrepreneur simply responded with, “Jed.”

A couple of minutes later, another fan asked for some clarification on whether or not the musician cheated on Hannah. He quickly agreed that Jed didn’t cheat.

Okay wowwww! So you’re telling us that the producers made that whole thing up?!

Dylan concluded the thread, writing:

“My last thought: they need you until they don’t. Each person is a pawn in a larger scheme, and they do not have contestants best interests in mind. Mental health is not a concern. Multiple people develop issues post show and they do nothing to help. If anything, they fuel hate.”

Wow. Just wow!

Okay, Bachelor Nation fans, how do U feel about Dylan’s tell all? Were U wishing for a whole lot more than what you got? Do U actually believe his claims that Jed never cheated on Hannah B??

Please, let us know in the comments (below) because we are dyinggg to know what you think!

[Image via Dylan Barbour/Instagram]

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