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Katie Holmes Before The Sweat!

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Katie Holmes Before Sweat

Katie Holmes does NOT look like she's about to go work out, but she is!!

She was spotted on her way to work out totally double fisting some water bottles.

Gotta stay hydrated! Gurl knows her stuff!

Her work out for that day was at a dance studio instead of a gym — keepin' it fresh, Katie! We love it!

Where's Tommy and Suri??

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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George Clooney Launches MASSIVE Fundraiser

| Filed under: Tom CruiseGeorge ClooneySteven SpielbergCharity

George clooney fundraiser

George Clooney is setting his sights high with his most recent charity endeavor.

The Academy Award nominated actor, along with film industry heavyweight Jeffrey Katzenberg, has launched a fundraiser to raise $350 million for Charlie Chaplin's Motion Picture & Television Fund, which provides health care for out of work and retired industry professionals.

Despite the staggeringly high goal, the project is going pretty well. They've already managed to rake in $200 million thanks to donations from megastars like Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg (and we're assuming Clooney and Katzenberg chipped in too). As far as the Descendants star is concerned, this cause is a no-brainer for anybody in showbiz, explaining:

"I was raised to believe that, as a community, we should be judged by how we take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. This is our community. This is our commitment."

How can anybody who has been successful in the entertainment industry say anything but yes to a guy like George?

We're happy to hear that some of the biggest celebs in Hollywood are gladly opening up their checkbooks to take care of the entertainers who have fallen on hard times.

[Image via WENN.]

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Hooray! David Beckham Is Staying In LA!

| Filed under: Eva LongoriaTom CruiseKatie HolmesDavid BeckhamFamilySoccer

David Beckham staying in LA

Since winning the MLS Cup with the LA Galaxy in the final year of his contract with the soccer team, David Beckham has had a big decision weighing on his shoulders: Do I stay or do I go?

Despite a lucrative offer to join the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, it sounds like he's decided to stay in El Lay! The soccer star cited "family reason" upon turning down the offer, as the club's sporting director revealed:

"It's over. It's a shame. But the welfare of his family in Los Angeles, the wish not to change everything in his life, weighed heavily. He will not come to PSG."

The French team's president implied that Beckham has decided to sign another contract with the Galaxy, clarifying:

"David Beckham is in Los Angeles and will stay there. He will not come, it's clear."

We always were and always will be happy to have you here, Becks!

Considering you've got friends like Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria in town, we'd like to imagine things are pretty good for the Beckhams in Los Angeles.

[Image via WENN.]

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Tom Cruise Wants To Make David Beckham Into A Movie Star??

| Filed under: Film FlickersTom CruiseDavid BeckhamSoccer

Beckham Movie Star

Tom Cruise, world famous Scientologist/Ethan Hunt, would just love to do an action movie with his pal David Beckham!

Unfortunately, Beckham would have to return the favor…:

"He would be great. He could kick ass. David would have to teach me to play soccer first."


But, if Beckham CAN act, we don't see anything wrong this this. Who wouldn't want to see that body up on the big screen, all tattooed, sweaty, and british?!

A crazy person, that's who!

Tom, make it happen!

[Image via WENN.]

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Suri Takes Water Ballet Lessons!

| Filed under: Tom CruiseKatie HolmesSwimming


Pretty pretty ballerina!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took their little princess Suri to the hotel pool where they're staying in Miami to give her some water ballet lessons!

The family played in the pool with other little kids as Suri learned to gracefully twirl under water.

Looks like so much fun! Suri is a natural, of course!

For more pics of Tom, Katie and Suri having family bonding time in the pool, ch-ch-check out the pics below!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Julianne Hough Jogs On The Beach

| Filed under: Tom CruiseJulianne HoughFitnessRunningBeach

Julianne Hough Jogs On The Beach

It’s perfect weather for a jog on the beach!

Julianne Hough was spotted going for a run on Miami Beach yesterday with one of her Rock of Ages co-stars.

Rock of Ages is an upcoming film adaptation that stars her and Tom Cruise.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Julianne Hough Talks Fitness And Fame In Women's Health

| Filed under: Tom CruiseRyan SeacrestJulianne HoughFitness

Julianne Hough covers Women's Health

It's no secret that Julianne Hough, who began her rise to fame on Dancing With The Stars, has made it!

She's in a serious relationship with reality television's most powerful person, Ryan Seacrest, and has nabbed a lead role in the upcoming Rock of Ages movie, co-starring Tom Cruise!

The beautiful dancer and actress is covering May's issue of Women's Health to talk about fame, fitness, and family!

While on a recent vaca in Mexico with her beau Seacrest, she has already acquired a bad taste for the price of fame after being intruded upon by the dreaded paparazzi. Talking about being snapped by photographers in a bikini, she said:

"I was thinking, 'Oh, crap, maybe I should've sucked in a little.' They were photographing us from a boat, and it was the first time I've gotten upset, like 'I can't just lay out and stuff my face?' It really messes with you."

Who doesn't get self-concious about their body when someone is taking unwanted pictures? Despite feeling a little doubt in Mexico, she insists fitness is all about personal satisfaction, saying:

"It's what you want to feel on the inside, not necessarily what you want to look like on the outside."

Exactly! Personal fitness is "personal" for a reason. It's about impressing yourself, first and foremost.

However, even a girl with a flawless dancer body like Julianne can develop self-doubt from overly critical comments, as she explained:

"Growing up, I could eat anything, but the minute I hit 22, I stopped dancing and kept eating whatever I wanted, and I gained weight. Then I started reading [critical] comments in blogs. That freaks you out and you get caught up in it. But if I deprive myself, I end up binge eating. I didn't want to do that. Now if I want something, I'll have it and I won't feel guilty. Then the next day I won't crave it."

Sounds like she's got her body figured out. Although it's easy to relax and ditch the workout routine while traveling, Julianne admits it makes her feel better in the long run, saying:

"It's so hard to stay fit while you're traveling, but for me it always makes me feel better on the inside if I've worked out."

Although Julianne is in a committed relationship with Seacrest, as far as any future family plans go, she's focusing on her own needs first and focusing on keeping the only body she's got as healthy as possible, saying:

"I'm starting to be more passionate about [eating natural foods]. I don't want to have kids anytime soon, but when I do, I want my body to be healthy."

A healthy body equals a healthy baby, right? She's still so young and has plenty of time to pop out more dancers for the 53rd season of Dancing With The Stars! Ha!

Check out the full interview in next month's issue of Women's Health!

[Image via Women's Health.]

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