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Sloths Are Being Illegally Sold In Colombia!

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Kristen Bell would not be a fan of this!

The third most profitable criminal activity in Colombia, after drugs and weapons, is the exotic wildlife trade. An estimated 60,000 animals were trafficked last year including a large amount of sloths!

Which is a BIG problem because sloths, despite their cuteness, are not meant to be household pets!

They have a highly specialized diet according to one zoologist.

Here's what the zoologist said:

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Getaway Donkey Stops Robbers In Colombia!


Shrek might not be around, but this DONKEY is a hero!

A gang tried to rob a store in Colombia and they would have gotten away with it too….

If it wasn't for a pesky DONKEY!!!

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Woman Claims She Was Raised By Monkeys In The Jungle

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle…a woman was raised by monkeys!!!!!!

Marina Chapman has an interesting story to tell, one full of tragedy and devastation.

With the help of her daughter, Vanessa James, the woman is writing an autobiography, detailing every aspect of her upbringing.

Including her claim that she was raised by capuchin monkeys in Colombia.

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Giant Round Prehistoric Turtle Fossil Found In South America



We wonder if this turtle used to swim in circles…

A giant circular fossil belonging to a new species of turtle was discovered in

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Bull Fights Bullfighter!

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In the classic John Hughes film The Breakfast Club, Principal Richard "Dick" Vernon warns troubled student Bender, "Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns."

This guy must have never seen that movie.

A French matador suffered a broken collar bone after being gored during a bullfight in Medellin, Colombia yesterday.

The bull struck after the bullfighter stabbed the charging animal to end the spectacle, but fans got one more surprise when the bull caught the fighter off guard in one last charge before falling over dead.

Check out the video above to see the bullfighter get the horns after pissing off the wrong bull.

Hopefully this video serves as a reminder to some why bullfighting is not only a stupid way to kill an innocent animal, but a stupid way to get yourself killed as well!

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Drug Smuggling Pigeon Arrested Outside Colombian Prison Walls

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OMG! This is ridiculous!

Colombian Police officials have arrested a pigeon after being caught trying to fly over the wall of Bucaramanga prison with 1.6 ounces of marijuana strapped to its back.

A police commander called it "a new case of criminal ingenuity."

We wouldn't call it new since Pigeons have been used to transport messages for over 2000 years, but rather, retro.

We hope to hear about criminals leaving a giant Trojan horse outside the walls of the prison, only to be filled to the brim with illegal drugs, next.

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Lorenzo The Parrot Gets Arrested

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Let this be a cautionary tale to all you parrots out there: Just because you're a bird, doesn't mean you can lead a life of crime without consequences!

Check out the video (above) and see what happens to Lorenzo the Parrot when he's caught working security for a Colombian drugs cartel!

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