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Victoria Justice HACKED! Her Racy Swimsuit Pics Leaked Online & She's PISSED!

victoria justice hacked bathing suit cell phone angry tweets

Mrz. Justice demands justice!

Photos recently surfaced of Nickelodeon cutie Victoria Justice posing in a steamy, sultry one-piece bathing suit and she is PISSED!

She says those pics were meant for private eyes only and that someone hacked her cell phone to put them online!!!

The Victorious star took her troubles to Twitter this weekend and vented to her adoring fans!!

She revealed

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Emma Stone Was HACKED! Those Andrew Garfield & Shailene Woodley Tweets Were NOT Hers!


Those hackers are sneaky, sneaky!

For weeks we racked our brainpans trying to decode Emma Stone's cryptic tweet saying her bf Andrew Garfield and their co-star Shailene Woodley we're "sitting in a tree"!

Was her super-heroic man-friend CHEATING on Emma? Was he carving his, ahem, initials into his other co-star's bark?

Was Spider-Man 2 filming in a treehouse?!

Emma's explanation to Ryan Seacrest this morning was so friggin' simple it blew our minds.

She was HACKED! The actress revealed:

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Celebrity Hackers Drama Escalates! Lawyers & Managers Bombarded With Excessive Calls!

ashton kutcher beyonce agent and managers info hacked

The hackers are at it again!

It looks like the same people that leaked personal information of Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher, and many more have taken their elaborate prank one step further!

Several celebrities who wish to remain anonymous say that some of the phone numbers that were recently made public actually belong to their lawyers and managers, and they've been getting calls NONSTOP! People have been dialing the numbers on the regular in hopes to chat with their favorite celebs, and some business teams have gotten nearly

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Michelle Obama Learns Hackers Are NOT A Hoax After Having Financial Info Stolen!

michelle obama financial information hacked and used

Apparently celebrity hackers aren’t just in it for the attention. For some it’s all about the Benjamins!

The same guys who leaked personal information on Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher, and Kim Kardashian have now added Michelle Obama to their laundry list of high-profile victims.

Although some of the information posted on Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden led us to believe that the website might be a hoax, investigators say the hackers have actually been using the First Lady’s financial information for their own benefit!

Looks like it might be time to start freezing your accounts, Michelle!

It seems like these hackers are always trying to up the ante and prove their skills, but they might have gone too far here. Regardless of how much money is in it, messing with the President’s wife doesn’t sound like a good idea to us at all!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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Burger King's Twitter Gets Hacked!!!

burger kings twitter gets hacked

Nothing is worse than getting hacked, but when you get hacked by someone named iThug… that's just horrible!

Burger King's Twitter was taken over today by the thuggish user and directed people to follow LiLinternet after changing the BK logo to wait for it… the popular McDonalds golden arches.

And to make matters even more HIGHlarious, iThug told everyone to

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Alicia Keys Says Phone Hacker Sent Scandalous Drake Tweet!

alicia keys twitter account hacked

So was Alicia Keys the latest in a long line of celebs who've had their Twitter accounts hacked? Looks like!

The Girl On Fire girl tweeted:

So what did the hacker send to Drake? A topless pic? A message of her undying love for the Canadian rapper?

Nope, just a song lyric. She's since deleted it, but the tweet she sent said:

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Chad Johnson Calls The FBI Over Sex Tape!!

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chad-johnson-called-fbi-over-sex-tape.jpgChad Johnson may be used to airing his dirty laundry all over the internet, but not his naughty parts!!

He's still maintaining that he didn't leak his sex tape.

A source close to him says he's furious. He thinks someone hacked his phone and stole the video, just like what happened to so many other celebs in recent history.

So he's actually contacted the FBI to look into it!

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