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Nelly Apologizes For Leaked Sex Tape!

Nelly Apologizes For Leaked Sex Tape!

Nelly is coming out with a public statement in the hours after a sex tape of his was posted against his will on social media.

The video — which went viral early in the day on Tuesday — popped up on the St. Louis native’s Instagram Stories for a brief period in the morning. In the shocking clip, viewers could see what appeared to be the Hot In Herre artist receiving oral sex from a woman. Talk about a surprise!

Obviously, fans and followers were shocked to see that kind of content on Instagram. And we would be, too! It was deleted from the rapper’s IG Stories pretty quickly, but not before Nelly’s name trended on Twitter, with thousands of people giving their thoughts on the adult-themed content.

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Now, the 47-year-old artist — born Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. — is speaking out and sharing his regrets that the thing ever saw the light of day.

Speaking to TMZ on Tuesday afternoon, Nelly intimated that the video was illicitly uploaded to his IG account. He also plainly apologized to the woman in the clip for inadvertently involving her in the controversy, saying (below):

“I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them. This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”


TMZ further reports that the rapper’s team believes he “may have been hacked.”

Furthermore, they are currently “investigating a breach.” It sounds like the controversy may not be over, either. The outlet reports that Nelly’s team is “concerned” more of his private content could end up online. That includes not only adult-related content, but also “financial information, personal documents and passwords.”

Holy s**t! That’s not good at all! It’s obviously very concerning that they are looking so quickly into a larger hack. What happened here??

As for Nelly’s unwanted turn on Twitter’s trending topics, it was a wild scene out there. Fans and followers online didn’t hesitate to make their thoughts known on the social media site throughout the day on Tuesday (below):

“I didn’t expect to see Nelly’s d**k this year”

“Why is there a video of Nelly getting the sloppy toppy going around….”

“Can I sue Nelly for the distress he put on my dxmn [sic] timeline?”

“I jus wanna say, Nelly is 47. To damn old to still be playing those games no lie”

“Now Nelly!!! That wasn’t no accidental leak.”

“Does anyone have the Nelly video? asking for a friend”

“Lot of people body shaming Nelly which is crazy”

“when I was in 8th grade I had a Nelly shrine in my bedroom. I’m so disappointed with that video..”

“Been at work all day and come on here to see Nelly d**k…”

Jeez. What a crazy day!

What about your reactions here, Perezcious readers??

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[Image via Nelly/Instagram]

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