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Kurt Braunohler's World Wild of Animals: Dolphins

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One of our fave comics, Kurt Braunohler, has some totally true and not at all made up (wink) facts about dolphins to share with us!

For instance , did you know Harry Houdini died after a bottle nose dolphin punched him in the stomach?

OR that dolphins have tattoos of slutty chicks on their lower back? lolz.

Watch and learn more real entertaining facts about this incredible and raciest animal!

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RIP Haylie Duff's Dog

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RIP Duff Dog


Haylie Duff's dog Bentley has died, the star announced on Twitter Sunday.

"Just said goodbye to my best friend Bentley. The BEST dog ever. love you big, lil man."

"He passed on. Old age. But very beautiful and peaceful."

Hilary Duff consoled her sis via tweet:

Had to say goodbye to a member of the team today. guys please find pics of bentley and send to @hayliek would mean so much.

The pics and condolences friends and weirdos that just happen to follow her must have helped. Haylie thanked her over 147,000+ followers, saying:

"These r the times that twitter makes me so appreciative. Thanks for all the bentley pics. Love you all!"

"I feel like I have the most wonderful friends. Thank you for your sweet prayers and messages"

Tuesday, Haylie made memory of her beloved pup is permeant. She tweeted:

"Thank you mark mahoney, for giving me the perfect "B" on my ankle."

Bentley will be missed, but not forgotten!

See more pix of Bentley and Haylie's tattoo below.

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Leona Lewis New Tattoo Says "Stop Animal Testing"

leona lewis's tattoo

So, Leona, how do you feel about animal testing?

The British pop-star, who turned heads with some skimpy outfits last month, has attended her most recent event with another bold statement in mind.

This time she debuted a new inking on her left shoulder, displaying the words 'End Animal Testing'.

Leona Lewis shows off her message - But does she feel strongly enough about the cause to go permanent?

We can't tell whether it's a real tattoo, or a good ol' Henna job, but the singer made sure she got the message across.

And just to cement her love for animals even more at the LA Genesis Awards, Leona donned a horse-themed outfit, complete with a makeshift mane.

Now, where can you wear something like that?

[Image via WENN.]

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Artistic Pigs Tattooed In China

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Tattooed Pigs Are Art In China

Motorcycle gangs aren't the only pigs with tattoos.

Crowds are flocking to Art Farm China in Yang Zhen, Beijing, where a Belgian artist displays his colourful sows and boars.

The animals are still on display to farm visitors while they are anaesthetised and decorated with designs by Wim and his co-artists.

One super-trendy porker even features a Louis Vuitton logo – which presumably quickens the process on the handbag production line.

Others sport tattoos inspired by patterns found on Russian prison inmates.

But animal rights campaigners complain that the pigs are suffering unnecessarily and are being abused for improper commercial gain.

We don't see what the big deal is - the pigs are just trying to express their individuality.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Don't Tattoo A Pony

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rolling stones logo

A German court ruled that tattooing a pony with the famous Rolling Stones logo would infringe on animal rights laws.

The court said that, "The tattooing of a warm-blooded vertebrate contravenes animal protection laws. This forbids causing an animal pain without reason."

The court also said that the owner's reason of tattooing the pony to make it more unique masked his real purpose of making "money from a 'tattoo service for animals'."

This is ridiculous!!

What do U think about tattooing animals??

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Temporary Pet Tattoos!!!

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Pet Tattoos
Pet Tattoos 2

This is totally badass!

A new company, Pet-Ink, is promoting their new product - temporary tattoos for your pets!


The Pet-Ink semi-permanent tattoo kit consists of a stencil (we used the bone), dye (we chose blue), gloves, cotton swabs for application, gloves, and a paper towel to blot the design once applied. It recommends spot testing your animal first to make sure it's skin doesn't become agitated or if it's allergic to the ink.

Imagine the possibilities! Do you have a darker side? Deck your cat or dog out with some skull and crossbones. A music fan? Put your favorite band's logo on the side of your horse!

Endless possibilities!

While we love this idea, we're unsure if it'll work on Teddy since he has long hair and it seems your pet must have shorter hair for the design to be recognizable.

We're always down for more ways to make our pets FABOOSH!

[Images from Pet-Ink.]

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