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82-Year-Old Shoots 10-Year-Old's Puppy Because It Was About To Poop On His Lawn!

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This is absolutely despicable!!
A heartless 82-year-old man (and alleged piece of human garbage) shot a 10-year-old’s puppy…
All because the dog was pooping on his property in Finley, Washington.
The six-month-old Australian Shepherd had escaped Katy Davis‘ backyard through a hole in the fence and ran into Otis McCulley‘s yard.
When Otis saw the dog was “about to poop” he grabbed his rifle and sent a .22 caliber hollow point round into the pup.
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The bullet ruptured the dog’s colon and he died at a vet’s office. Noooooo…
The poor pup belonged to Kathy’s son David, 10. That’s just so incredibly sad. Puppies shouldn’t ever die EVER.
Thankfully, the county prosecutor is considering animal cruelty charges and the Davis family is already pursuing civil legal action.
Let’s hope they throw all the books at this puppy killer.
Check out the video (below) to learn a little more about this sad, sad story.

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Dec 18, 2014 16:50pm PDT